Update on New and Expected Paintings through the end of 2020.

African Artist Seleman Kubwimana from Rwanda with one his paintings

From Rwanda, Seleman Kubwimana adds a fresh take on African Art.

New paintings that arrived from Africa in September, 2020

  • Ronex Ahimbisibwe from Uganda adds 3 fine art pieces
  • Mahlet from Ethiopia returns with a Watercolor and Acrylics on Canvas.
  • Abdul Badi, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, shared 3 more pieces from his sought out print gallery.
  • Kowie Theron from South Africa graces our site with one new original.
  • Tanzanians Masoud Kibwana adds over 20 paintings to our site and Rajabu Maganga adds 2 Wildlife Paintings.
  • Yeb Silk Threads has granted access to new design templates.

NEW PAINTINGS RECEIVED THUS FAR IN OCTOBER:                                         

From Rwanda, Seleman Kubwimana adds several contemporary pieces.

Cameroonian, Angu Walters made 10 geometrically dizzying pieces for us.

From Ghana, Richy Adusu graces us with 3 new "Circlism" pieces.

Also from Ghana, Bic Pen Drawer, Enam Bosokah, 3 new pieces.  1 left!

From Mozambique, introducing Pedro, who makes unique Batiks which you can see below right or by clicking his name.

Pedro from Mozambique creates original Batik designs.

Coming Soon...


Albert Lizah

John Ndambo

Martin Bulinya

Kenneth Kingoo

Evans Yegon

Willie Wamuti


We now have over 500 prints available for sale on our Prints Website at: AfricanArtPaintings.com

Enjoy the new selections of Originals and Prints as they come in!  Thank you for your purchases which allow us to continue supporting our artists in Africa.