Michael Oguguo

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Michael can recreate just about anybody with an African touch. The process to obtain Michael's custom portrait paintings is simple. Just send True African Art, us, a straight on, high definition photograph at info@TrueAfricanArt.com We will ask you what you want added to your photo to keep it African themed, just like you see in the photos above.  

Give Michael a week or two to create your piece, we'll send you a photo, and when you love it, the painting will be sent out via DHL and you will receive it in about a week.  You get to do your own custom framing after receiving the piece.  Shipping is on us! We don't release your payment to the artist until his painting is in your hands and you say you love it!

In the beginning of 2023, True African Art became the lead online retailer of Michael's custom portraits made from photographs.  Michael says: "The business of promoting, processing, and communicating with people who want their picture painted became too much for me in terms of my attention and time as an artist. It was taking away from my creativity.  With my friends from True African Art, I can now profit the same amount and not have to worry about the business aspects of my works and buyers. It frees me up alot to do what I am good at and to do it with enjoyment instead of anticipation.  I appreciate all the customers I have already had and you are in good hands with True African Art."

Nigerian artist, Michael Oguguo, with one of his imaginative portraits.

Michael Oguguo draws portraits from his imagination and photographs.


Michael came to us in February, 2022.  He lives in Ireland, but was born and raised in Nigeria.  A calm, shy demeanor comes with Michael, but also confidence and assurance in his artwork, which is how Michael expresses himself.

Michael Oguguo is 48 years old, married, and has five children. True African Art gives Michael the audience to display his artwork on a worldwide platform and he is nothing but thrilled!

Michael is a self-taught artist and specializes in making custom paintings from photos of people.  He does his best to bring the image to artistic life by honing in on the way the subject see themselves. 

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