Martin Bulinya

Martin Bulinya and I with one of his original paintings

Martin Bulinya is a fine man, eager to please and a veteran in the African art painting circles of Kenya. The joy behind his African paintings for sale are a testament for the life he enjoys happily as an artist.

Of his work, Martin says, "Art is an interest on some level to most people, but maybe some of us see things more deeper than others and then they have the ability now to try to portray them in a particular medium. So I think there is a kind of mixture of things when it comes to art, whether it is in language, music, drama, or the visual. I am sure even your clients are in one of these things. Any form of art is a talent distributed to us as humans once we discover it within ourselves."

Right: Martin Bulinya and I, Gathinja, Website Owner. My little boy wanted in on the picture!

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APRIL, 2021 UPDATE:   In March, 2021, we added 45 new paintings by Martin painted exclusively for True African Art by the artist.  They are mostly 12" x 18" and are priced just right.

ABOUT SHIPPING:  If you live outside the USA, we ask that you purchase 3 or more of Martin's paintings due to their low cost aof just $23 each nd increases in Postal Rates.  For example, to send one painting to Europe costs between $16-$20 now.  So when you order 3 or more, there are no shipping charges internationally from New York.  Thank you for your loyalty to us.

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