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Close up of Kenya Blue Rhino Map
Printed exclusively by Blue Rhino Ltd. in Nairobi, Kenya, they sell to us in New York, USA, and we send them to you with Shipping Included Worldwide at the lowest price online for a beautiful, genuine, heavy paper print.  

Buy the maps with a credit/debit card or through Pay Pal.  USA orders arrive in less than a week. Internationally they arrive in two weeks or less.

Originally drawn by Chris Robitaille, these maps are printed and sold by the Blue Rhino Shop.  They sell branded-prints to us directly on site, providing authentic, mint map reproductions.

Chris' illustrations are unique in that not only are the maps of the African countries geographically correct and accurate, they also hold a bounty of hidden illustrative features that deal with the history and interests of their respective countries.

January 2022 Update:   We have restocked on all our maps, giving you greater quantities to choose from.

February, 2022:  Are you ordering from Outside the USA?  Shipping overseas for just one map now is weighed at the cost of at least $13-$16 via the US Postal Service.  Worldwide delivery is even more with UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL.  Thus, for international map orders we need to add an additional $15 for shipping maps outside the USA.   This includes any country or territory outside the lower 48 States of the USA.

Within the USA, each map
is $44 and Shipping is on us.

Internationally, due to postage increases,
the maps total cost has to be $59. 
This price includes shipping to
any destination Outside the USA.

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