Joseph Thiongo

Kenyan Artist, Joseph Thiongo, with Website Owner, Gathinja Yamokoski, 2022.

This African artist paints mostly in watercolors, focusing on the Maasai villages & wildlife found in Kenya

True African Art .com has traded with African Artist Joseph Thiongo about nine times during trips to Africa over the recent years. His original paintings are of such good quality that we choose them to be our True African logo!

Joseph Thiongo is a very classy fellow: proud of his artwork, proud of his country, and proud of his family.

Here is some of what Joseph says about his African art in his own words:  "I observe my environment everywhere I am for ideas and inspiration for my artwork.  I also get structural ideas of wildlife figures and their environment from actual wildlife parks.  When I am in Nairobi and can't get to the parks to paint, I have a collection of books and DVD's that feature angles of what wildlife and landscapes Kenya has." 

One can order from a few Originals and many Prints of Joseph's artworks, all curated and pictured below.

UPDATE, JANUARY 2022:  We have acquired 3 new paintings from Joseph. Enjoy!

UPDATE, APRIL 2022: Joseph just finished 5 village scenes for us and they are now available for sale below.

UPDATE, AUGUST, 2022: Joseph sold us 2 new semi-abstract paintings to add to his collection.

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