Kowie Theron

Kowie Theron with one of his sold artworks.

From South Africa, Kowie Theron creates thick oil painting that exemplify African beauty, traditions & tribes.

Kowie's original African paintings are striking, soft, deep, calm, and involve a great deal of skill. Kowie is and remains self taught. He was born and raised in South Africa and has a profound interest and respect for tribal cultures and in the African continent as a whole.

About his art, Kowie Theron says:  "I am putting images on canvas with my hands and try and give a certain message or feeling with it. My art comes from my soul and I am very privileged to be able to put that on canvas in visual form.

Ultimately, I want every piece of artwork that I produce to give a special sentiment and joy to whoever it ends up with.  I would like to be remembered for my specific style and that people one day could recognize my art in a blink of an eye."

Early May, 2021:  Kowie just sent us a beautiful piece of art he calls "Horns and Roses."  We asked him to tell us about the painting and he said:  "Even in death, something beautiful remains and something new is coming. Death is not the end but just another beginning.  It is like a balance between life and death. The one can't exist without the other."

Read more about Kowie's art and to see some of his Sold Artworks.

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