Yeboah Family - Yeb Silk Thread Art


The Yeboah Family 
Hand-woven Thread Artists

Thread artworks are characterized & authenticated by looping threads, diamond-like highlights and vibrance radiating from the silk-threads which enhance the overall look, feel & value.

We are proud to feature Original hand-woven artworks by Ghanaian Artists from West Africa, the Yeboah Family, or “Yebs” for short.  Emmanuel & Gloria and sons Enoch and Solomon are leading figures & early masters in the original hand-woven artworks & mixed media art movement known as Threadings or Silk-Thread art or simply, Thread art.   

Their quality and signature look, comes from the Yeboah Family purely hand-woved finished piece.  The silk thread makes any picture vibrant, colorful, bold and a stunning work of art.

The art piece is handmade in a tedious, but rewarding process by bonding two strands (thickness - 2mm) of looping silk thread of different shades and colors on the fibreboard or canvas until the entire canvas reveals the work of art. The result is a shimmering imagery stunning to the beholder.

Styles: Portrait, Contemporary, Abstract, etc.
Medium: Traditional Ink, Fabric, Pencil & Silk-Thread - Mixed Media
Materials: Flexible Paper Board/Canvas – Firm, roll-able & portable
Size:   24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm) or 30" x 30" (76 x 76 cm)
Pricing:  $695 each w/Complimentary Shipping Worldwide!

Do you have a
that you'd love
to see in a colorful 
personalized Silk Thread Art?

The Yeboah's can do it!

UPDATE: March, 2023: We added 24 more designs directly from the Yeboah's. Most of them are computer renderings that will be referenced when making your hand sewn silk thread. Enjoy!
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