Clement Laryea, better known as C-Kle, creates inspiring portraits of people from Ghana, his home country in Africa.He has lived there since birth in the early 1980’s.

C-Kle first contacted us in 2012 about being on the site, but did not have the body of work we were looking for.  So some years past and in early 2016, C-Kle contacted us again, sending us some awesome pictures of his art, and also a simple question:  How do I get on True African Art with you guys?

We liked his simple shortness, but most of all his new paintings struck quite a chord with us. After several phone conversations, we decided that C-Kle would join our ranks as our 72nd artist.

Fast forward to 2022 and you'll see that as an artist, C-Kle has improved and he is thus able to better explore more ways of painting.  His work is sold through Accra's tourist hotels and malls, as well as special exhibitions. 

C-Kle says that his goals are to educate, motivate, and give hope through painting.  In order to do this he wishes to build an Art Center where he will train people from near and far.

Outside of Africa, C-Kle has exhibited at The Parallax Art Fair in London and The Art Revolution in Taiwan.  His works have gotten regular exposure and sales here on this website, True African Art .com, which reaches a worldwide audience. 

UPDATE NOVEMBER, 2021:  We have new paintings from C-Kle.  And they are BIG - coming in at 40" x 60" C-kle's work in Accra is on demand now so there is no telling where he will go next.  

UPDATE FEBRUARY, 2022:  We have added 7 new, large paintings from C-Kle.  They would be shipped from Ghana rolled in a strong tube pipe.  It would take 1-2 weeks to reach you outside of Ghana.  We don’t give C-Kle any of the funds you paid for his painting until you receive it in the mail and say you are happy with it.  Shipping is on us and returns are easy if needed.  Payment plans are available and now you can Make an Offer on C-Kle’s original artworks.

This picture is of C-Kle with just one of his paintings, ready for international delivery.

Read about C-Kle's background and see examples of his Sold Artworks
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