Artist C-Kle from Ghana
C-Kle creates inspiring portraits of people from Ghana, his home country in Africa. C-Kle is a young emerging African artist.

We have bought from him once and several of his paintings have been purchased, though C-Kle routinely sends us images of his paintings for our curation and opinion.  This back and forth has not only created a good repertoire between us, but has also challenged both of us to enjoy the process of creating and buying the best art from each artist we host.

C-Kle first contacted us in 2012 about being on the site, but did not have the body of work we were looking for.  So some years past and in early 2016, C-Kle contacted us again, sending us some awesome pictures of his art, and also a simple question: How do I get on True African Art with you guys?" We liked his simple shortness, but most of all his new paintings struck quite a chord with us. After several phone conversations, we decided that C-Kle would join our ranks as our 72nd artist.

The one thing about C-Kle is that he is comfortable marketing his art. He has shown his art all over the capital city of Accra, Ghana and is known in the area by almost anybody in the art circles. He does exhibitions with other vendors, sole exhibitions in hotels, and is collected worldwide by some of the most discreet galleries.

C-kle’s African art paintings for sale encompass many different aspects of African life, from the mundane chores of the day, to the universal pleasure of reading from a book at a young age. He paints the life around him and from the experiences he has had with people and events in Accra.

Enjoy these original pieces from C-Kle at a very fair price for their size.

Read about C-Kle's background and see examples of his Sold Artworks

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