Tingatinga Art Paintings | Tanzania

Tingatinga African Art Paintings are from Tanzania.  They are original paintings made in a popular style of paintings by many artists in Tanzania that form the Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society.

These handmade pieces by the Cooperative come from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.  We own these paintings from the Cooperative and bought from them on site.    The Cooperative is under new leadership now and after some extensive research, we feel very comfortable with their International infrastructure and policies. 

Each artist works in Tanzania under the Cooperative and paints according to the size specified by the clients.  The artists can make them small or large.  

Our selection of 15 Tingatinga art paintings are medium size, coming in at 31" x 23" (80 x 60 cm).  We offer the lowest price worldwide for this size of Tingatinga art at just $279 each compared to $300 and up.  Shipping is included worldwide. Internationally it would take about 2 weeks or less to reach you from our location in New York, USA.  Within the USA, delivery takes less than a week.

We are excited about Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society within the United States and are privileged to be sharing this unique African artwork with you.  Enjoy!

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