Willie Wamuti

Willie Wamuti with some of his artwork now with us in New York.

Willie Wamuti paints African women out of respect and admiration for their influence and shaping of African society.

Willie Wamuti is probably one of the most potential filled contemporary African artists in Kenya. We say this because he is fairly young and makes a multitude of great African paintings that he markets himself throughout Nairobi, the capital city.

We asked African artist Willie Wamuti why he paints a particular woman figure in his art pieces. He replied, "I think she depicts every aspect of life. Particularly in our culture she is the holder of life, the giver of life, the provider of life, the sustainer. My African paintings are a tribute to African women because here, I believe she is the sole sustainer of life."

Willie's African artworks are found in Banana Hill African Art Paintings Gallery, Kenya National Museum, Rahimutulla Museum of Modern Art (RaMoMa) and Kuona Trust Gallery and have traveled the world through True African Art .com.

We have known Willie since 2004 and visited his family in Kenya more than once.  Willie is easy to work with, knows the value of his art, and is very charming.

UPDATE, JANUARY, 2022:  We have added 9 paintings from Willie.  They are with us in New York now, ready for sale.  We were given them directly from Willie in Kenya.

Click this link to see more photos, a video interview, and to read more about this African Artist.

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