John Ndambo

John Ndambo and Gathinja are a force for African paintings!
   Pictured: African Artist John Ndambo 
with Website Owner, Gathinja Yamokoski
We have bought and sold over 230 of John's Original African Art since opening on our own in 2009.  This provides expected income to the artist based on repeated sales.

John is not only an emerging artist, he is also a trusted friend of our website and one of our artists who started us off.  He is business savvy as well as having a forgiving attitude and tries to emulate his understanding of the art world.

When we think of our website, John is one of the first artists that come to mind, and an easy show stopper whenever we share his work with the world.

UPDATE - LATE NOVEMBER, 2020: John has made us 20 new paintings!  John has increased his sizing from 12" x 17" inches to 16" x 20" (41 x 51 cm) and is now using semi-abstract backgrounds.  
These oils blend great with its canvas.
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