African Art on Sale

The paintings here are great deals for original art of this high quality caliber.  Many galleries charge several thousand dollars for their paintings.  We keep our prices low in order not to exploit what we bought it for from the artist.  This also, for you, keeps original African art paintings affordable for everyone.

If you see some paintings you like on sale, then please do support our African artists and purchase one or more of their original paintings.  Thank you. 

Most are with us in New York with Complimentary Shipping Worldwide.    We also have some artworks that are with the artists in Africa and they would ship to your address you give us at no additional cost.

If you'd like to see up close photos of any of the paintings or would like to do a live video where you can see the painting in real time and inspect it at different angles, these are the kinds of things we do everyday.  Just Contact Us.

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