Chris Robitaille Maps

Print of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Chris Robitaille is the original illustrator of the prints we carry from Blue Rhino Ltd. The 2 maps you see here are new to our site and come direct from the artist.  They are not carried or sold by Blue Rhino in Kenya. 

Chris' vintage representation of the printed African destinations are often claimed to become a great display piece on one's wall in their home.  They start an easy conversation with family and friends about the fun times you had, the things you saw, and the people you met in your journey inside the homeland of Africa. 

Each of the maps begin with multiple pencil sketches working on the design, content and layout of the map artwork

The medium used to illustrate these maps is pen & ink; more than a half-dozen different pens are used for different map aspects. Afterward, multiple layers of watercolor washes are applied.

Every line, letter and icon is rendered entirely by hand on each new map drawn. The entire process typically takes 5-8 weeks depending on complexity and detail required.

The end result is an entirely custom, unique and original piece of art that has been fully vetted for educational merit, historical and geographic accuracy and cultural relevance.

UPDATE:  December, 2022 - We are SOLD OUT of Chris Robitaillie's Zanzibar and Masai Mara maps.  We will try to obtain some more in early 2023.   In the meantime, check this link for more of Chris' vintage maps of countries in East and Southern Africa for sale.

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