Enam Bosokah

Ball Point Pen Artist from Ghana, Enam Bosokah

Ghanaian artist, Enam Bosokah, draws exquisite, African themed portraits with only a ball point pen.

About his career, Enam says:

"I want the public to know that I am just a young artist who is craving to do more. I really don't feel like I found my time in art just yet. For some time now we have big names come from Europe, Asia, and America. But here I am, I am coming from Africa. I want to make it all the way to the top. I want to be in so many different countries wanting my work.  20 years from now, I want records of my art and how it was made a success. I want to inspire people all over the world."

November, 2020 Update:  We were given two sets of drawings from Enam Bosokah in 2020, made exclusively for our website. There were a set of three in June and another three in November.  They sold out quickly.  We thank you for supporting Enam's artwork.

May, 2021 Update - How to get Enam to make your Drawing:

We have received many requests for Enam's work to grace True African Art's website again.  We thought this could translate well into the custom portraits he creates for any client who provides the right photograph.   To do it:

1.  Submit a photograph that you would like to be considered for a commission by Enam. If you don't already know how a commission works, we have Enam draw it in Ghana and send to you from there.  We hold all the funds owed to Enam until his drawing reaches your home and you say that you are happy with it. 

  • This photograph you are submitting could be something African, it could be a family member, an image you like very much, etc. 

  • The photograph needs to be High Resoultion, meaning it was NOT taken on a camera phone but is such that it renders 5-10 MB (MegaBytes) in a file size and is clear, especially when you zoom in.  You can make a High Resolution image of an old photograph by using a scanner at a store like Staples or Kinkos, or you may have your own scanner.  If the image is blurry when you zoom in, Enam cannot use that rendering.
2.  The starting price for a 12" x 16" is  $800.  The price increases if there is more than one subjects and/or the photo draws a lot of complexity (like mountains in the background, a black shirt or hair, etc.).   

3.  We would collect 1/2 for a deposit and the balance can be paid once the drawing is finished and you've approved a photograph of it and Enam is ready to send it to you.

It would take 1-3 weeks for Enam to draw your work and send them to you via DHL.  All of his drawings are made by his eyes, hands, a piece of paper, and a Bic Pen.  That's it.
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