Living in New York, USA, website owner Gathinja Yamokoski is passionate about African artwork & her Kenyan traditions.

Most of Gathinja's paintings ship to you stretched, or ready to hang.  Worldwide Shipping is thus added as a non-profit, separate cost for these delicate paintings to be packed and shipped.

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African Woman Craft Doll Figures by Gathinja

Of her Bottle Figures, Gathinja writes, "As a native woman of Kenya, these pieces celebrate the women around the world who have all greatly inspired me, especially the woman of Africa. From dawn till dusk she wakes up and ensures everyone is taken care of and still has time to go do a day's work. The long neck and hands in some of the women's waistline show the African woman standing tall and strong at the end of the day. She truly is the backbone of society.  At times, she is not shown that way to the world, but here she is appreciated in all her strength and beauty...

...The colors you see in my African artwork are the colors that surrounded me every day when I grew up in Kenya, East  Africa. When people enjoy my art they are confirming my belief that we should, as a human race, celebrate everything that is unique and different in ourselves."

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