Femi with one of his now Sold Paintings.


Femi hails from Nigeria and is one of our breakout artists.  Femi joined True African Art in 2017.

He is a middle aged man with a passion for the arts and his family.

He is responsible with his communications and trading of works with us, and what's great for you is that you get some beautiful paintings from this unique artist who is not afraid to be himself when he paints any work.  He does not bend to the popular queue, rather he feels the responsibility he has to his growing audience and remains faithful to what he wants and needs to paint.  Those with an eye for Femi's works will be pleased with any original or Print from True African Art.

Femi's current works are on consignment with us, meaning that he will mail them to you from Nigeria.  We hold onto your payment until Femi's painting reaches you and you say you are happy with it.  Only then do we release your payment to Femi, so that all parties are protected.  Easy enough and no worries with Femi!

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