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    Nii Kpetenkple joined us in 2013.  We have sold close to 150 of his original paintings since then. From Ghana, he paints ocean and urban scenes.  His universal and colorful style attracts many people who visit Ghana.

    Nii says that "Painting, to me, is one of the most eloquent medias for expressing myself about all the corners of the world and all that it holds; Of course it is not by accident that I went into painting African artworks."

    Nii studied Art in one of Accra's secondary schools and later at the Ultimate School of Art in Ghana.

    Nii's African art paintings reflect his earlier years of companionship with fishermen, market women, and areas around Ghana that manifested to him artistic symbols. He normally uses the mediums of acrylics, oils, gouache, and pastels. Nii's African art paintings are posted throughout Ghana in national museums, The Monument Board, Silver Bird and Accra Shopping Mall and hotel shops such as La Palm beach hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, and Accra Novotel hotel.

    Read more about Nii Kpetenkple and see more of his Art.

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    Nii Kpetenkple

    14" x 17" (36 x 43 cm)
    Acrylics on Canvas

    Nii Samuel | K-148 | True African Art .com
    Nii Kpetenkple

    20" x 16" (51 x 36 cm)
    Acrylics on Canvas

    African Art from Ghana - K -143
    Nii Samuel from Ghana paints urban and ocean scenes.
    Nii Samuel | K-147 | True African Art .com
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