New Paintings

Willie Wamuti leads in with new paintings from Kenya.

Here below you will find our latest paintings. We add new African art every few months or so. 

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping is included in all original paintings on our website and you can try out the painting in your home for 60 Days to see if it is a right fit.

Some of these New Paintings are bundled under one image or one artist.  That one image stands for many paintings for sale by the same artist.  And it will say so in the description below the sample image.  Just click that Collection's link and you can browse all of an artist's available paintings for sale.

Please do browse these exceptional new paintings. You can read more about each artist in the About Section of the site. 

If you have any trouble or have questions about ordering, shipping, verification of any art, etc. please feel free to Contact Us any time or see our Frequently Asked Questions.

DECEMBER, 2020 UPDATE:  Since May, 2020 we have purchased hundreds of new paintings.  Some of them just got in at the end of November, 2020.  Enjoy the selections and feel free to purchase!

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John Ndambo's Collection
John Ndambo
Retail Price $149.00

This is one example of art
by Kenyan, John Ndambo.
All are Oils on Canvas and
most are sized at 16"x 20"
or vice versa.

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