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Paul Gbolade Omidiran  |  Nigeria  |  "Fruit Seller"  |  True African Art .com
Here below you will find our latest paintings. We add new African art every few months or so. 

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping is included in all original paintings on our website and you can try out the painting in your home for 60 Days to see if it is a right fit.

Please do browse these exceptional new paintings. You can read more about each artist in the About Section of the site. 

Some of these New Paintings are bundled under one artist.  So below you may see one photo for a collection of much more than one painting.  Just click that Collection's link and you can browse all their paintings available for sale, rather than just seeing one example.

If you have any trouble or have questions about ordering and shipping please see our Frequently Asked Questions and/or feel free to Contact Us.  Enjoy!

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