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Here you will find our latest paintings. We add new African art around every few months.
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Maasai Fabric & Watercolors
Albert Lizah
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This is just one example of Albert's work:
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Dimensions: 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm)
Medium:  Original Watercolor & Maasai Fabric on Card Paper
Price: On Sale at $20 each


    Oils on Canvas
    John Ndambo
    Regular price $119.00 $99.00 On Sale

    This is one example from Kenya, John Ndambo
    See his Entire Collection of Originals

    Dimensions: Most are: 12" x 17" (31 x 43 cm)
    Medium: Oils on Canvas
    Price:  Most are On Sale for $99 each

    Tingatinga Paintings

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    Various Sizes at different Prices
    Starting at $149, a 20" x 16" inch hand painted artwork is yours from the Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society in Tanzania. You choose a size, they paint for you, we manage the transactions and shipping. $379 the max price for a 55" x 33" hand painted artwork)

    Kimbo's Batiks
    Kimbo's Batiks
    Regular price $239.00

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    Most of the new Batiks are:
    43" x 36" (109 x 91 cm)
    Wax, Textiles, Dye on Cloth at $239.

    4 original, large Batiks
     are with us in New York 
    from Artist Richard Kimbo in Kenya, East Africa!