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Here below you will find our latest paintings. We add new African art around every few months.

We last added new paintings in late April, 2019 by Justin Laryea and James Nii Addo in Ghana, Femi in Nigeria, Simon Muriithi from Kenya, and several new artists from the Tanzania Arts Cooperative Society.

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Tingatinga Paintings from Tanzania

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Starting at $149, you get a custom size, hand painted artwork you choose from this Page.  An artist in the Tanzania Arts Cooperative Society will be assigned to fulfill your project and the Cooperative sends your art from Tanzania.  We hold your funds from the artist and Cooperative until the painting reaches your door and you say it exceeds your expectations!

Pen & Acrylics on Paper
Martin Bulinya
Regular price $69.00

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This is just one example
of Martin's Artworks.
Various Sizes
Ranging from $49 to $149


Oils on Canvas
John Ndambo
Regular price $119.00 $99.00 On Sale

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This is one example of art
by Kenyan, John Ndambo
Most are 12" x 17"
Most are On Sale for $99 each



Maasai Fabric & Watercolors
Albert Lizah
Regular price $29.00

This is just one example of Albert's work.  Most are:
6" x 8" (15 x 20 cm) or vice versa

Watercolor & Maasai Fabric on Paper
$29 each.