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African Artist paints a Collage of colors.  Angu Walters from the Cameroon.  True African Art .com

Angu Walters comes from the remote country of The Cameroon in Central Africa. This geometric minded, creative African artist finds life around his country to be in a state of literal civil war since 2017.This has tampered with his journey as an artist, but with much support from his admirers, he has done well for himself.

Now in his early 40’s, Angu’s first art education came while still a boy from American born, Cameroonian artist Nzante Spee.  Surely if one looks at both artists paintings, then they will see the similarities.

Angu has had success through online sales like True African Art.  But it’s not the galleries that just gave him the exposure, his talent speaks for itself.

 Angu Walters paints in an array of styles, mostly abstract figurative and the surreal.   He likes to paint anything regarding music, family life, and the activities or character of a traditional African village.  And like many male painters, he emphasizes the importance of the African woman in society, particularly, the Mothers in Africa.  Finally, Angu, like other artists, and like his own learning, passes on what he knows to those younger than him, particularly children.

This well rounded, sound minded, careful speaking person is an artist to watch and collect from.  With the African and Black arts revolution, Angu Walters is one who is definitely contributing to the art world still, during a horrific war in his own area of living.  We hope his painting work gives him relief and release from the pressures of his local reality and that he remains safe and strong with his family,

Enjoy from the below selections some of Angu's sold paintings for viewing and the remaining paintings for sale. 

  • LATE OCTOBER, 2020:  We bought 10 paintings direct from Angu following our Fair Trade Principles.  We have been trading with Angu since 2014.

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