Angu Walters

Angu Walters - Cameroon - Bio Picture

From Cameroon, Angu offers an array of content and colors, put together to form one frequently geometric painting.

People love Angu's style and he has sold his paintings all over the world through us and other sources.  As a young artist, Angu has plenty of time to perfect his craft.  Like so many African Artists on our site, Angu is a leader in a new generation of African Art, borrowing and honoring those that came before him.

As you can tell, we are almost out of Angu's originals works, with just "Happy Faces" remaining. We hope to have more works from Angu in 2020, though Cameroon is dealing with a war crisis now.  

Enjoy these selections of some of Angu's sold paintings for viewing.

Learn more about Angu Walters on his Artist Information Page.

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