Angu Walters

African Artist paints a Collage of colors.  Angu Walters from the Cameroon.  True African Art .com

People love Angu's style and he has sold his paintings all over the world through us and other sources.  As a young artist, Angu has plenty of time to perfect his craft.  Like so many African Artists on our site, Angu is a leader in a new generation of African Art, borrowing and honoring those that came before 

Enjoy from the selections below some of Angu's sold paintings for viewing.

  • Cameroon, where Angu was born and where he still lives, is dealing with an internal war crisis.  Angu and his family are safe, but they have suffered under intense endurance and patience.
  • LATE OCTOBER, 2020:  We bought 10 paintings direct from Angu following our Fair Trade Principles.  We have been trading with Angu since 2014.

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