Appiah Ntiaw

Appiah Ntiaw with True African Art's Logo

Appiah Ntiaw is from Ghana. He paints from his memories and experiences in Ghana's Cape Coast area.

Appiah is a master at making custom paintings, having made over a dozen for our client's that they absolutely love.  Beyond that, he has served us with original paintings for our website, with the current stock available below.

The comb pick paintings are a Duafe symbol, depicting a wooden comb. It is a symbol of femininity, love and care. It also represents good hygiene and being well groomed.

Appiah has been with us since 2012.  His kind demeanor and slick swag makes him a loyal and professional artist.  Check out his available paintings below.  You won't be disappointed.

UPDATE, MARCH 2021:  We obtained 10 new paintings from Appiah.  Check them out starting in the 2nd row below.  Make an Offer!

See photos and learn more about this artist from Ghana.

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