Blue Rhino Maps of African Countries

Close up of the bottom of a Kenya Blue Rhino Map
      Kenya Map corner. Click for a close up!

Printed by Blue Rhino Ltd. In Nairobi, Kenya.
Originally illustrated by Chris Robitaille.

The entire collection of Blue Rhino Map Prints can be viewed and purchased on their Store Page.

Printed exclusively by Blue Rhino Ltd. in Nairobi, Kenya, they sell to us in New York, USA, and we send the maps to you with Complimentary Worldwide Shipping at the lowest price online at just $44 for a beautiful, heavy paper print.

Buy the maps with a credit/debit card or through Pay Pal. USA orders arrive in less than a week.  Internationally they arrive in two weeks or less.

About These Map Prints of Africa

African countries printed by Blue Rhino Maps are Chris Robitaille's original illustrative representations in a geographic format.  Each section of the maps details what is found in that particular location of the African country, including wildlife, tribes, climate, landscape, bodies of water, and more.

These beautiful, vintage representations of African countries are often claimed to become a great display piece on one's wall in their home.  They start an easy conversation with family and friends about the fun times you had, the things you saw, and the people you met in your journey inside the homeland of Africa.  

The African countries printed by Blue Rhino Ltd. at this time are: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia.  A South Africa Map is also printed, but just not at this time.

We sell map prints of Masai Mara and Zanzibar and bought them direct from the artist.  Blue Rhino does not produce or carry these maps.

Please contact us with any questions or for special orders.


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Zambia Blue Rhino Map | True African Art .com
Map of Zambia

Kenya Blue Rhino Map
Kenya Map


Tanzania Blue Rhino Map | True African Art .com
Tanzania Map

Uganda Blue Rhino Map | True African Art .com
Uganda Map


South Africa Blue Rhino Map | True African Art .com
South Africa Map