Seleman Kubwimana

African Artist Seleman Kubwimana at home with his artworks for sale.

At just 27 years young , Seleman Kubwimana, is excited about his art career and finds most enjoyable the process of painting his artworks.

After his previous works sold out on True African Art .com, his current series of art is called "Woman Made Nature."  In his own words, this is what Seleman says of the Collection:

"All living beings are the creation of nature. All the organisms depend on each other to maintain proper balance in the environment. 

Animals have always been an essential part of humans since ancient age. They play the role of a companion, worker, and a well-wisher. They accompany us and become a vital part of our life. The trust and affection we get from animals increase their importance in our life.

A human woman is most important creature in the whole world as she can carry a young one for nine months in her womb.  She is often the sole provider for the family home and heart, so I believe all women should be honored and that comes through in my art.

In this "Woman Made Nature" collection, I measure the impact of a woman in general life as well as the animals."

The following are some of Seleman's major achievements in his young career:

2014-2016: Advanced level at Nyundo School of Art and Music
2018-2020: Digital Media Production in The University at Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali, Rwanda.
2019: Participant in a group exhibition, “Rwanda Retold” at Mocada Museum in New York City.
2021:  Accepted on the worldwide online platform of True African Art .com

July 14, 2022 - We added 13 new paintings from Seleman, made specifically for True African Art .com.   Payment plans are available. Complimentary Shipping Worldwide from Rwanda.  Enjoy! 

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