Seleman Kubwimana

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At just 25 years young , Seleman Kubwimana, is excited about his art career and finds most enjoyable the process of painting his artworks.

He has learned and is inspired most by the abuse and inequality shown in Rwanda’s genocide just some years ago. Through it, Seleman learned that great change can make a society work together in peace and unity.

The original African paintings for sale below are mostly part of Seleman's "Wildlyfe" Series.  Their names are derived from Rwanda's national language of Kinyarwanda.

"The Reason why I made the two vulva paintings is from the personal experience I went through while painting them.  I've had no girlfriend for almost two years now and I am tired of dating and fake relationships.  I thought that I am going to be single until I get the sex thing, but it didn't work the way I expected. So the paintings are what came of this, and there are more coming... The paintings are the sweetest and brings joy and happiness to both women and men, whoever needs it. Although I am not a Father yet, while painting I also looked at the way vaginas are the essential part in our human lives and birth."

Seleman Kubwimana found art accidentally.  His path to success is on purpose.

The following are some of Seleman's major achievements in his young career:

2014-2016: Advanced level at Nyundo School of Art and Music
2018-2020: Digital Media Production in The University at Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali, Rwanda.
2019: Participant in a group exhibition, “Rwanda Retold” at Mocada Museum in New York City.
2021:  Accepted on the worldwide online platform of True African Art .com

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