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Gathinja Yamokoski, Website Owner.

In Africa, poverty is overcome in the community’s relationships and underlying culture. I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa for 25 years. I know what poverty looks like and how it can take its toll on the human soul.

In 2000, I met my now husband of 21 years inside Kenya, where he was volunteering, having just graduated from College.

I never imagined becoming a citizen of the USA, which I did in 2014, the same year our only child was born. I go back to Kenya almost yearly to visit with our artists, family, and friends.

In 2004, I managed another online website. In 2008 I tried to buy the company and the owner encouraged me to open my own online art gallery. True African Art has been open since 2009 and we've been the leading original African paintings online gallery to date.

We are legit, authentic, original, and truthful. We are True African Art.

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From South Africa, Kowie Theron Art

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Kowie Theron  |  South Africa  |  "Grey"  |  Original   |  True African Art .com
Kowie Theron

24" x 36"
Oils on Canvas

Hungarian Gray Breed


Kowie Theron  |  South Africa  |  The Cow  |  Original  | 1 of 2 paintings  |  True African Art .com
The Cow
Kowie Theron

30" x 40" (76 x 102")
Oils on Canvas


This painting is meant to be paired with "The Bull."

Kowie Theron | South Africa | The Bull | Original | 2 of 2 paintings | True African Art .com
The Bull
Kowie Theron

30" x 40" (76 x 102")
Oils on Canvas


This painting is meant to be paired with "The Cow."

Kowie Theron | South Africa |  Meant to Be Together | Original | 2 of 2 paintings | True African Art .com
Meant to be Together
Kowie Theron

30" x 80" (76 x 203 cm)
Oils on Canvas


These 2 separate canvases form one complete, contemporary painting that sells as a pair.  $1898 is the total for both "The Bull" and "The Cow" together, not separately.  Shipping is complimentary worldwide.

Part of the Solution

For too long, African Artists' paintings have been exploited. As Africans ourselves, we are here to change this.

We live in a time where freedom, justice, and equality are abused in some parts of the world, including the United States of America.

Africans' have a 400 year history in America, from 1619 to today, most of the time under the bondage of slavery. Essentially, American History has become threaded by Black History.

To counter the foreign police of history, we hold an all African staff and deal directly with African artists born and raised in the Motherland. We buy their artwork at fair prices that the artists often determine with us. We pay them well, in full, and on time. And we pass the same treatment to you, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Our artists are truly thankful when they hear the news that their paintings are being enjoyed and living in another person's house, perhaps thousands of miles away. You did this!   Thank you!

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I absolutely love the art I purchased. Once my purchase was made I got an email instantly & they shipped the same day! Their total customer service of goes beyond anything I've ever experienced. I highly recommend this website for art purchases. The prices, the selection, the customer service & professionalism is at its best.


Gathinja is so warm, welcoming, and timely! Communicating with her is an added bonus! You can tell that she sincerely cares about your being pleased with your purchase as well as your buying experience. If you are a collector of African Art, you should be in touch with True African Art.


I have purchased 2 paintings from True African Art & have been pleased beyond words. Gathinja has been diligent in returning calls & worked hard to get the paintings that I wished delivered in a safe & timely fashion. The paintings are a true representation of the Africa that my husbands family comes from. Please share these artists' talents by purchasing their works. You will not be disappointed.


I just ordered several pieces from True African Art at the start of 2021, ranging from a canvas painting to some small greeting cards. They are all fabulous! The quality of the work is great, and I was especially impressed with the customer service and communication from Gathinja. All of my paintings arrived safely and quickly.


I highly recommend True African Art for not only the wonderful African art, but more importantly, the exceptional personal service and support provided by Gathinja. You can purchase from True African Art with complete confidence. They are professionals who care about the wonderful artists they represent and their clients.


The framed painting that we purchased for our CEO is absolutely stunning! We are thrilled with it. It was an honor to work with True African Art! Gathinja communicates on a regular basis, from questions to confirming we received shipment. Can't praise this site any more! Stunning works and a pleasure to do business with.