Masoud Kibwana

In this video, Masoud Kibwana, an artist from Tanzania, speaks in Kiswahili.  Although you may not understand his language, the video provides an encompassing view of many of his paintings from different angles and close ups.

Kibwana’s artwork preserves and encapsulates the sight, culture and old ways of the Tanzanian community.   Masoud's usual signature style is the unlimited form of cubism, and African paintings art on abstract and textured backgrounds.

Masoud can also paint realistically. He pays very close attention to detail in his African artwork.  This gives life and meaning to his representations.

Masoud gained a three year educational degree at the Dar Art Vocational Training Center. Presently, he has a working studio at the Nafasi Art Space.  Masoud sells globally now through True African Art and through his own connections.

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