Nii Hylton

African Artist Nii Hylton poses with one of his older paintings for True African Art


A Ghanaian African artist living in Spain, Nii Hylton's clean, perfected style speaks volumes about his West African upbringing.

Before studying in the United States, Nii Hylton found his home in Accra. Ghana, having been born in Akuse. This African artist developing his artwork in painting at an early age...and it paid of. 

In 2002, he completed his education in Graphic Design and Painting from Ghanatta College of Art and Design, an institution that has produced some excellent Ghanaian artists.

Nii Hylton left Ghana in 2004 to pursue an art career. Attending Truman State University in Missouri, USA, during his first year at the University, Nii won the President's Honorary Scholarship Award in Academic Excellence and the Art Assistance Scholarship for his skills as an artist.

Since then, Nii has won numerous honors for his artwork & has a strong international audience for his contemporary African paintings, reaching numerous private collections and exhibits in Europe & the USA.

Nii Hylton paints both traditional and contemporary styles through subjects that are cultural and social, using a palette knife for texture. His realism and abstraction are combined with acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

FEBRUARY, 2021 UPDATE:  We have seven new paintings from Nii here.

See an introduction video from Nii and read an exclusive interview.

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