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African Paintings from artist Albert Lizah
- Kenyan Artist, Albert Lizah with Website Owner, Gathinja. -

Maasai Art made with Fabric and Watercolors

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- About Maasai Artist Albert Lizah -

Albert paints mostly the Maasai tribe in their natural setting.  He uses watercolors and authentic Maasai clothing fabric to create his paintings.  Albert also likes to paint some wildlife surrounding the Maasai communities.

We've done business with African artist Albert Lizah several times now to collect his African art paintings. When we saw his African artwork firsthand we really liked what we saw. His blend of African paintings that include the landscape, sky, and Maasai tribe people creates a beautiful tapestry in his work. And he found a unique niche by being one of the only artists who puts their original African art paintings into a greeting card format, though most people frame them as regular paintings. 

Lizah's works of art portray distinctly the migrant lifestyle that the Maasai tribe practice. Day in and day out they herd their cattle animals faithfully and with care. The Maasai do this within groups or alone and are seen leading their cows through wide open spaces where they are free to eat and roam. Lizah captures this practice beautifully, showing through his African art paintings the Maasai tribe and the individual tribesman in their real life setting and environment. When we asked why he paints Maasai, Lizah explained, "We have a lot of Maasai in parts of East Africa so I tend to paint them. They have a rich culture."

African Artist Albert Lizah paints a ceremony of the Maasai TribeThis African artist, Albert Lizah, is in his late thirties. He used to study and work in automotive engineering but now works as a full time artist. He grew up in Naivasha, Kenya and still lives there. He speaks four languages of Swahili, Luhya, Kikuyu, and English. 

Albert Lizah says that he "used to paint as a kid so that is a motivation factor for my work today. My mom did some knitting and crafts and encouraged me to do some sketch work and some painting. Since 1994, when I was 14 years old, I started making African art paintings postcards for sale." He went on to tell us that he met another artist when he was young who introduced him to watercolors. 

Currently, painting with other African artists in Naivasha gives Albert Lizah ideas and a community to share with. He went on to say that the he enjoys making African paintings the most "when someone really appreciates my artwork. That gives me the motivation to keep going and make even better paintings." Asked what he would want to do with art in the future, Lizah told us that he would "want to help other upcoming artists by having my own studio. I could help children learn to paint too." 

We appreciate Albert Lizah sharing his talent and biography with True African When you buy a work of any artist on this site and the inventory in our African art gallery gets low, we are then ready to go back directly to the artists to buy more of their paintings. We look forward to seeing more African artworks from Albert Lizah in the years to come.  For now, enjoy his selection!

See this Artist's original art for sale.

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Maasai Tribe African Paintings

African Paintings

Watercolor Paintings by Albert Lizah

African Artist Albert Lizah paints the Maasai tribe.

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