Kenya Cards

The artist who made these card paintings in Kenya is named Kenneth Kingoo.  He wanted to sell to us in bulk, so we ordered 250 of these.  We had sold 300 of his cards in the past.

These are Original paintings.  No two are exactly identical, though some are similar.  

These artworks are a great way to send any message in a card.  But most people buy them and frame them to put in small corners of their house.

We are showing around 60 cards at a time and will rotate new ones in as existing cards sell.  We can also sell at wholesale to an organization that might find them attractive for their clients.

Artist:  Kenneth Kingoo (Kenya)
Size:  All 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm) or vice versa
Medium:  Pen & Acrylics on Card Paper.  
There are similar designs with subject and color variations
All are Original and painted by hand by one artist.
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