Yeboah Family - Yeb Silk Thread Art

Get this quality of Silk Thread Art from your own photograph!
100% hand woven.

Here are three examples from a photograph to Silk Thread by the Yeboah Family.
A beautiful photo turned into beautiful art!  Yeboah Silk Thread Art   |  True African Art .com
A headwrap from a photo to Yeboah's Silk Thread   |  True African Art .com



Love overcomes all...

Yes, that is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.


Get a custom-made Silk Thread artwork like the ones above - just send us a photograph!

Follow these Simple Steps:

1.  E-Mail us a high-resolution photo of anything you want turned into Silk Thread artwork. Our E-Mail address is:  You can include any color combination you would like to be prominent in your new Silk Thread Art. We’ll confirm your receipt via E-Mail and pass your photo to the Yeboah Family in Ghana. 

2.  In 1-2 days after, we will send you an outline of the artwork made by the Yeboah’s and the best price that we can negotiate with the Yeboah's with your best interest in mind.

A.  One Person or Subject in your photograph equals two choice sizes:
                 - 24'' x 30"   -  For a photo that contains the waist to the head.
                 - 26" x 26"   -  For a photo that contains the shoulder to the head.
This option can also employ the bottom two sizes that are meant for a couple or family.

B.  Two People or Subjects-   The best size for this style is 32" x 36"
This option can also employ the Family dimensions if you'd like.

C.  A Family -    The best size for this style is 36" x 48"

3.  If all is well and good on all sides, we will send you a secure bill for a deposit.

4.  We will send you a picture of the completed work in about 7-20 days, depending on the design of your artwork.  You can approve it at this point and pay your balance.

5.  We give the Yeboah's your address and they send it out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the Yeboah's?  The Yeboah's are a Family in Ghana that create the Silk Thread art you see here on our site. We are your connection between your order through us and the Yeboah Family in Ghana, who create and ship your art.

Is my Art made by hand?  Yes, the Yeboah Family hand stich each Thread Art.

How much is my custom artwork?  It depends on the size, amount of subjects, and what You want to pay.  Prices will vary based on the project skill involved and its content.  Either way, we will accept any reasonable offer and will work on your behalf in mind for what you want to pay for your custom artwork.  We can negotiate by phone at +1.800.789.3241 or by e-mail at:

Who ships my artwork? 
To minimize costs, the Yeboah's will mail the art directly to you from Ghana, rather than to us and then from us to you.  That plan is just too unsafe, complicated. and expensive....we'd rather have the Yeboah's do one direct mailing.  Shipping is included worldwide in the price of your Silk Thread. 

I don't know the Yeboah's.  How do I know they will deliver the art?  We hold your payment for the Silk Thread Art with us in New York until you receive the artwork from the Yeboah Family in Ghana and confirm your satisfaction.  Only then do we forward any funds to the Yeboah's.  This process is meant to protect all parties.

The Silk Thread Art is expensive.  How can I afford it?  With True African Art, you can elect to make payments on the artwork at 0% interest and you’ll receive the art once it is paid for in full.  Art by nature is expensive no matter what genre as it employs a person's innate skill and time.

How will the Silk Thread get to me and how much does it cost to deliver?  Express shipping worldwide via DHL is included in the price.   Delivery takes about 1-2 weeks to reach you at most. The Yeboah's give us the tracking number and we e-mail it to you.

How long will it take from when I place my order to when I receive the art?
We have an expedited process with the Yeboah Family.  Since they deliver directly to your address from Ghana, you can expect to receive your artwork in about 2-3 weeks from when you first place your order, more or less, depending on the scale of your portrait.  We can let you know more specifically the delivery date once your order is processed.

Still have questions? Contact us at or call us at +1.800.789.3241 EST

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