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The Yeboah Family 
Hand-woven Thread Artists

Thread artworks are characterized & authenticated by looping threads, diamond-like highlights and vibrance radiating from the silk-threads which enhance the overall look, feel & value.

We are proud to feature Original hand-woven artworks by Ghanaian Artists from West Africa, the Yeboah Family, or “Yebs” for short.  Emmanuel, Solomon & Gloria are leading figures & early masters in the original hand-woven artworks & mixed media art movement known as Threadings or Silk-Thread art or simply, Thread art.                            

Paintings are quite similar to Thread artworks in a way when it comes to choosing colors, but thread is used instead of paint. Stitching and sewing machines are not used.  Instead, to get their quality, signature look, the silk threads by the Yeboah Family are purely hand-woven. This process makes any picture vibrant & colorful, bold and a stunning work of art.

The art piece is handmade in a tedious, but rewarding process by bonding two strands (thickness - 2mm) of looping silk thread of different shades and colors on the fibreboard or canvas until the entire canvas reveals the work of art. The result is a shimmering imagery stunning to the beholder.

Styles: Portrait, Contemporary, Abstract, etc.
Medium: Digital tools, Traditional Ink, Fabric, Pencil & Silk-Thread - Mixed Media
Materials: Flexible Paper Board/Canvas – Firm, roll-able & portable

Custom, Personalized Thread Art can be made
by the Yeboah's from your photographs.
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Do you have a picture you love so
much you can see it in a Thread Art?

The Yeboah's can do it for you!  Go to their About Section
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People love their custom threads from the Yebs.  You will too!

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