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Below are examples of custom works the Yeboah's can do for you.  Virtually any custom subject and size starting from 24" x 30" can be ordered.  
All that is needed from you is a high resolution photo, your payment, and a few weeks of your time for the artwork to be made and delivered to you securely from Ghana.

Please Contact Us to start your order.  For more information about the artists and how to request a custom piece. please see Yeb's About Page.

Woman Doctor Portrait.  Awesome! Couple portrait by silk thread artist Yeb.  John Legend Family/Group Silk Thread Art
Single - Custom Portrait Art 
Couple - Custom Portrait Art.   Yes, that is John Legend.
Family - Custom Portrait Art

This is what the art versus a photo looks like in a single product.

Here we have a listing of available pieces from the Yeboah's.

The pieces below are already made or can be made in one of two different sizes:
18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm) at $349  or  24" x 36" at $399
7 products