Tingatinga Style

Tingatinga Style African Paintings are from Tanzania.  They are original paintings made in a popular style of paintings by many artists in Tanzania that form the Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society.  The style is named after the person who is the inspiration and source of the art form:  Edward Saidi Tingatinga.

From 1968 to 1972 Edward made many paintings on shingles in the area of Msasani. He drew from his memory of growing up in Mindu, which is near the Nakapanya village, in Southern Tanzania.  Edward was born there in 1932.

Edward Tingatinga's wife sold his works near Dar es Salaam at the Morogoro Stores.  At this time, Edward's style was catching on and he was teaching his relatives to paint like him.  It is spoken that Edward saw mural art in Ndonde village homes that influenced his style.  He was 36 when he started painting and 40 when his life was cut short.  Today, the art form is collected globally and can sell sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Today, the paintings are known for their lively subjects and glossy look, feel, and finish.

These handmade pieces by the Cooperative come from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.  We own these paintings from the Cooperative and bought from them on site.  The Cooperative is under new leadership now and after some extensive research, we feel very comfortable with their International infrastructure and policies. 

Each artist works in Tanzania under the Cooperative and paints according to the size specified by the clients.  The artists can make them small or large.  They can also commission a custom Tingatinga that has your specifications.

We are excited about Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society within the United States and are privileged to be sharing this unique African artwork with you.  Enjoy!

NOVEMBER, 2021 UPDATE:  We are offering our Tingatinga paintings for $199 instead of $300 for early Holiday Sales.  We believe this is the lowest price online for this size of Tingatingas.   If you find a lower price, please let us know. Get yours early so that it doesn't get caught up in the Christmas rush!  Enjoy!

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