Tingatinga Style

Tingatinga Style African Paintings are from Tanzania.  They are original paintings made in a popular style of paintings by many artists in Tanzania that form the Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society.  The style is named after the person who is the inspiration and source of the art form:  Edward Saidi Tingatinga.

The Tingatinga painting style is known for its lively subjects and glossy look, feel, and finish. Today, the art form is collected globally and can sell sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars.

These handmade pieces by the Cooperative come from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.  We own these paintings from the Cooperative and bought from them on site from a few of its artists.

APRIL, 2022 UPDATE:  We are offering our Tingatinga paintings for $249 instead of $300.  We believe this is the lowest price online for this size of Tingatingas (80 x 60 cm).   If you find a lower price, please let us know.  Enjoy!

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