South African Cards

Original Card Art from South Africa
These handmade craft paintings come from South Africa & contain beautiful elements reflecting African culture & hospitality.  They are made from recycled paper, plant life, ores, feathers, and other resources from Planet Earth.

Each handmade card is 3 dimensional covering a variety of themes from Africa.

These unique Greeting Cards are so beautiful that most that buy them end up framing the cards for display in their office or home.  Being creatively crafted by disadvantaged people from a small project in the Western Cape, South Africa, these cards do come with their own envelopes and are sealed in plastic. The inside of the card is left blank so that you may add your personal greetings if gifting the artwork to someone else.

All South Africa cards are 4" x 6" and are often used as wall art.

UPDATE:  As of July, 2020 we are sold out of the South Africa cards.  We hope to buy more in early 2021.
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