Daniel "Nshira" Akortia

Daniel Akortia poses next to our logo

This widely skillful artist presents his work maturely with a deep understanding of the subject he is painting.

From the African woman, to music and the afterlife of our ancestors, Daniel explores and challenges not only his skills, but also the perception of the art's viewer.  And like all our paintings online, these also look even better to view in person!

Daniel signs his paintings as "Nshira," which means "blessing."  In his own words, Daniel says “I live in a world of my own, and therefore refuse to be drawn from real life. I concentrate on drawing my personal visions.  My aim is to depict the history and culture of Africa as it really is, in the true colors of nature."

JUNE, 2022 UPDATE:  We have received ten new paintings from Daniel, made specifically for True African Art and not sold anywhere else.  They are with us at our location in New York, USA and ship worldwide at no extra cost!  Check them out below!

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