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The process is easy and secure.   You can check out with Apple Pay, Pal Pal, Venmo, or Shop Pay, through Shopify's secure Checkout platform.  They also accept all major credit and debit cards online.  We never see your credit card infomration, we are just given your actual payment, the paintings you chose and your shipping address.

Here's a guide for those who need instructions:

From the Header's "Originals" menu that shows on every page of the website, move your mouse and stop it over the first menu item, "Originals."  A drop down menu will appear.  Choose art from a genre or from an African Artist 's alphabetical first name. 

You will be taken to that Artist's or Genre's Collection Page, where you find all the art available from that artist or genre of African paintings.  Feel free to zoom in and browse in a slideshow by hovering over and also through clicking the image on the Collections Page.  From the Collections Page, browse further or decide on the piece you like by clicking the Collection description text below any small image thumbnail.  

This will take you to that Painting's Product Details Page.  Here you can examine the painting further by hovering over the image to get a zoom of a small area close up.  Choose Shop Pay to pay in Installments, or click the red "Add to Cart" rectangle button you can see to the right by the artwork.  

From there you can choose to view your cart or Checkout.  To access your cart at anytime, click the cart's icon in the upper right corner of any page.  

Once you click a purchasing button, you can securely Check Out as a Guest without having to sign in or you can create an account for future orders or sign in if you have created an account already.  Either way your information in Checkout is 256 bit banking industry standard encrypted https and we do not have access to your account, personal, or financial information.  

In Checkout, choose the country you live in, and fill in the other secure fields, such as your shipping address and payment choice.  If your country is not listed just Contact Us and we'll get it to you.

You'll receive an automated e-mail confirming your order.  Your order will be sent out in 18 hours or less, unless it is placed after 10 AM (EST) on a Saturday or anytime on a Sunday, whereupon we will confirm and mail your art on that Monday.

If you are not comfortable purchasing online or are having difficulty with our Checkout, please call us at 1.914.444.2159 or e-mail us at

When you purchase an original painting, within minutes you will receive from our Shopify account, an automated confirmation of purchase receipt in the E-Mail Address you provided in Checkout.   We have received your shipping address and payment and there is nothing you need to do.

When we package your original painting, we pay the shipping cost for you, no matter where in the world you live.  You'll receive another automated E-Mail when we purchase your shipping label.  It means that we have packaged your painting and are on the move to the Post Office or UPS to get it out to you.  This E-Mail will have your tracking number that allows you to follow your package arrival through the carrier's website.  

Within the USA, you can expect your package to arrive in less than a week.  International packages can be expected to take 1-3 weeks to reach you, usually around one week, though.

We provide superior support should your painting get delayed.  To date the Post Office, UPS and DHl have successfully delivered thousands of packages from us, to countries all over the world.  Once in a while a painting will get stuck at customs or an access point, but after we inquire with them, it shows up at the client's doorstep shortly thereafter.  Sometimes customs just needs confirmation of information.

Yes, as it should be!  Safety and Security are important concerns for both you and us.  We use the same security standards that USA Banks use for their money systems.

Our Shopify Payments Checkout Merchant employs a 256-bit industry-standard SSL https internet encryption. This means that the Internet is not perfect, but when you enter your shipping details and use your debit/credit card on our site to make a purchase, all of your personal & financial information is encrypted and must be safeguarded and protected.  

True African Art never sees your credit card details.  We are simply passed on your actual payment, painting title(s), and shipping address.

Card transactions go through a security standard that employs the PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Gateway.  This means that all personal transaction data is entered and transmitted through multiple tests of security while managing, storing, and encrypting your information.  The same and more goes for other electronic payment methods we use like Pay Pal or Apple, Google, Amazon, and Shop Pay.  So rest easy, this is the Internet, and there is a much more success rate of real transactions that happen every second of the day compared to any ill matter.

You can use Pay Pal, Apple, Amazon, Google or Shop Pay on any transaction. Or notify us and we'll give you the contact information for you to use Venmo.

Worldwide we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debit and credit cards.

Sure, no problem.  You can make an order over the telephone.  Just call us at + 1.914.444.2159, leave a message and we will call you back to safely process your order over the phone.  

Or you can Contact Us to send a USA money order.  

We do not accept checks or wire transfers.  

We ask you not to send any financial information over E-Mail as that is not safe.  Thanks!

Our clients often say that the painting looks better in person than it does online.  Since 2004, we have sent out thousands of paintings worldwide, and have had only 4 returns this 17 year period. 

However, despite this success rate, and to put you at ease with your new acquaintance to our website, we need to have a Returns Policy in place.  We call it "60 Days Easy Returns:"  

If for any reason your expectations are not met on a original painting you purchase, you are free to return it within 60 days of purchase to receive an exchange, credit, or a refund.  The painting must be in the same aesthetic condition it was when we sent it to you.  We refund the return shipping costs you incurred when we make the final changes to your order.  Please Contact Us before returning a painting.   

See our Easy Returns Page for the complete details.

Yes, with Shop Pay you can make installment payments and also through Pay Pal.  Your painting is mailed at the same timeframe as a regular order would.  You don't have to wait for the payments to be paid off to have the painting sent to you.  The payments are between you and Shop Pay or Pay Pal.  

Please Contact Us with any questions. 

Yes, with an additional 10% off!   Before your purchase, we'll match any online competitor's advertised price, including any other's private "Make an Offer" deals.  The other company's painting must be in stock, the same artist, similar size and style, an original, and cannot be listed in E-bay.

Yes!  Just contact us and we'll use our iPhone or iPad to show you paintings in real time, from different angles, and up close.  Seeing a painting virtually is an excellent way to overcome hesitations, questions, and to make a decision on a painting you are on the fence with.

The best way is to subscribe to our Newsletter, found on our Home Page and at the very bottom of our footer on every webpage.  If you don't see it, you may have dismissed it - "X".  So go to your browser's File menu and go into Incognito mode, navigate to our website, scroll to the bottom of any page, and the Newsletter sign up will show up there.  After you subscribe you can back to your regular session or stay in Incognito (more privacy).   You can Unsubscribe anytime and we protect your Privacy.

Another way to see our newer paintings is to browse our "New Paintings" Collection here.

We communicate with most of our artists on a regular basis and buy from them directly, often at the prices they set.  So besides us paying our artists directly, when you purchase their art from our website, their inventory on our site depletes as a result.  Eventually, we must buy more paintings from the artists.  Thus, when you buy through us, you enable us to do repeat business with many of our African artists. We have returned to buy more artwork from some our painters about 15-18a times now.  

It is really you who is rewarding an artist’s talents and bringing extra care to their families in the not very easy economy of Africa.  And you own a lifetime's worth of a beautiful painting.  So everybody gets something in return and that is a very positive, genuine and true exchange.

In 2020, your purchases allowed us to buy more paintings from our artists than ever before.  This gave many talented painters on our platform the extra support they needed for their family and lifestyle during the Pandemic.

For more information, read how we follow Fair Trade Principles here.

We own and hold 75% of our African paintings for sale here with us in New York.  

The other 25% are on consignment.  Consignment means instead of us buying paintings from the artist and holding them with us in New York, the artist instead keeps their artwork with them in Africa and sends them to our clients once an order has been placed.  We hold your payment from the artist until their painting reaches your hands safely and you say you are happy with it.  The artist sends out the painting (shipping is complimentary worldwide) usually via DHL.

The contracts we hold on these artists have strict processing procedures that protect you as a customer.   We stand by these few artists on consignment whom with we worked together and built trust for years.  So if there is any problem with your order, which normally there is not, rest assured, we will make it right.  Thank you for trusting True African Art .com.

Our paintings are acquired directly by the artists of our choosing, not in a marketplace or another gallery with mass-produced, commercialized pieces. 

Some of our artworks carry a higher price than others because of either:  

  • The amount of people who collect the artist's work.  
  • The skill and quality of the artist's work. 
  • The artist charged a higher price to us.  
  • The artist determined that we sell it at the price you see on our website. 
  • We had the painting put in a frame and shipping is included with the heavy frame order.

All original art in its own genre is expensive, if it is skillful or done by a well known artist.   Some of our best skilled, more fine artists create paintings that fetch a higher price than our more popular or smaller size works.  

In all actuality, if you see a painting in our gallery over $1,000, please keep in mind that other galleries would charge $2000-$3,000 and more for the same piece.  So we are still offering it for the lowest price.  If you are seeking a lower price, check out our Prints for Less Site.

We follow Fair Trade Principles ethical standards.  And naturally, as Africans ourselves, we have solid, long term relationships and a good understanding between us and many of our artists.  

They offer their art to us at a low cost so we can sell at a low cost and thus return to them more frequently to buy more paintings.  We get a low price, you get a low price, and the artist gets more frequent returns on sales.

1.  Call us to schedule a virtual, personal showing of any art we have in our Collection in New York.

2.  You can e-mail us your phone number and we'll call you back with a public area, like a library, or if the weather is warm, a public park where we can meet.  


Yes, for free!  Contact us to set up a time for us to call you.

For the Holiday Season, 2023, we only have Make an Offer turned on for Angu Walters and Tingatinga paintings.  Usually, most of our paintings have Make an Offer turned on, but with our generous Holiday Sale, the two discounts cannot be combined.

Making an Offer on an original painting means that the painting does not have a fixed price to it.  The listed price is a suggested or asking price.  It is not a fixed price.  Instead, we are open to what you want to pay for that particular piece.  So click the Make an Offer button on the Product Details Page to name your price.  Hint:  E-Mail us directly at info@TrueAfricanArt or call us at 1.914.444.2159 for the best negotiation deals.  Learn about Making an Offer here.

The listed price is a guideline for the price range of a painting.  It thus helps you make a reasonable offer based on its listed price. 

You can Make an Offer by going to any Artist or Genre Page, clicking an artwork's description to go to its Product Details Page and once there, clicking the shorter red button that says, "Make an Offer." See our About Making an Offer Page for step by step instructions.  Or, for a more personal experience AND the Best Price, you can just use our Contact Us form.  In the Message field, just list the name of the artist(s), the title of the artwork(s), and your offering price(s).  Other ways to Make an Offer are by simply sending us an e-mail at with the same information or calling us at +1.914.444.2159 (EST)  We'll get back to you through e-mail or phone within a short while with either an agreement or a counter offer.  In other words, we are flexible with our pricing.  Give it a try, each painting has its own home and deal.  If it is meant for you, it is yours.

We complete for you all the avenues of Domestic and International Shipping plus Customs so you can rest assured with our hassle free delivery.  

All original, unframed paintings have no extra cost to ship anywhere in the world.  The cost of shipping is included within the art's suggested price.  All of these services receive a tracking number for free as well and insurance when mailing a larger painting or when requested.  

We send worldwide mostly through Priority or First Class Mail through the US Postal Service., with an increasing partnership with UPS and DHL.  Delivery takes less than a week within the USA, and about 1-3 weeks to arrive internationally, unless you request expedited shipping, which is a non profit-cost to you.

All of our original paintings have standard shipping included in their price to be delivered anywhere in the world.  This includes professional packing and a shared tracking number.

This Non-Profit, Complimentary Shipping is available on our website, except:

  1.  When you request Expedited Shipping anywhere.
  2.  When you purchase a Framed or Stretched Painting that we both agree requires an extra fee to send. 
  3.  When you buy a print from, our Sister Website, or any print on our website.


Standard or Priority shipping for unframed originals is included in our price for any painting sent anywhere worldwide. For expedited shipping or our few framed paintings, when agreed with you, we collect only what is charged to us for packaging and shipping.  We do not profit from these shipping costs.

Most of our original paintings are held and sent for worldwide delivery just north of New York City, USA, in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

The others remaining are held by African painters on consignment and are securely mailed to you from the artists' location. We have strict contractual agreements with these consigned artists, part of which includes us not giving the artist any funds we collected from you until you receive their art and are satisfied with it.  You can read more about our consignment arrangements in the PURCHASING section of this Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Very carefully.  

For unframed paintings, they are packed either in a hard envelope or cylinder tube.  If in a tube, it will be wrapped with padding and strong packaging tape.  All packages will be double checked for stability and protection before leaving our hands.  We put fragile stamps on most packages.  

In the case of our few framed or stretched artworks, they will be professionally packed by UPS or Fed Ex in a protective art box.  If you and I agree, we will bill you a non-profit quote for packaging and shipping via UPS for paintings with a frame.  This is to protect the frame and painting, not to get more money.

In most cases, we send out your painting within 18 hours from receiving it.  When we package it and purchase pre-paid postage, you will receive an automated Carrier tracking number via email.  That tracking number tracks where your painting is.

To track your package, go to the carrier's website and enter the tracking number.

If you still cannot locate your painting please call us at 1.914.444.2159 or e-mail us at:   Don't worry, no carrier has ever lost a painting of ours. Late?  Once in a while.  Lost?  Never.  That is the track record for thousands of paintings that we have sent to our clients in countries worldwide.

Yes, when you request it.  We may automatically purchase insurance for select large paintings, and for framed paintings. This insurance cost would already be included in your art's price, so there is no extra charge.

Yes!  Tracking and Delivery Confirmation is provided from all our carriers: The US Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL.  

Tracking is a free service to you and gives you the opportunity to know when your item shipped and when it will be delivered.  

When we purchase a pre-paid shipping label for your package, you'll receive an automated email with your tracking number on it.  Any problems or questions, just Contact Us.

You should get automated emails after for each move of your package, from when we drop it off at the Postal Carrier Office to when it is delivered to your home.  

If you have any trouble or are not receiving the automated emails, go to the carrier's website, enter your tracking number and then, on the results page, enter your email or phone number to sign up for automated tracking updates to your email or phone.

Yes!  Any order anywhere can choose Priority, Express, or overnight shipping through the US Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express or DHL.  Just list your preference in the "Instructions" box in your Shopping Cart or Contact Us right after placing your order.    Free Worldwide Shipping is for regular post mail.

The US Postal Service International Express Shipping is the least expensive international express service, arriving to you in 3-5 days no matter where in the world you live.  For overnight deliveries within the USA, we would need to receive your order the day before we give your painting to a Carrier for overnight delivery.

Usually less than one week with our Free Standard Shipping offer.  1-3 days with paid express shipments.

Usually about 1-3 weeks for our Free Worldwide Shipping Offer.  Or 3-5  business days with a paid, expedited service.

You do not have to sign for the package unless the Carrier requires it, which they usually do not.  Most carriers either put the package in your mailbox, or by your front door or garage without requiring a signature.  Some carriers, like DHL, are more strict and require signatures for some of their packages.

Best case scenario:  Try to have someone home the day your art is out for delivery so that you can guarantee to yourself that you'll get your delivery that day.   

Worst case scenario:  If you missed your delivery, you'll have to wait another day, the whole weekend, or worse, you have to go to the Post Office to get it!

In most cases, original paintings are exempt from any kind of import taxes or duties.  

We double check your customs label to ensure what we've included on the form will not qualify you for any fees.

If the carrier does charge tax or duties on your package, it is your responsibility to pay for these.  But again, this has rarely happened over the years in sending out packages to dozens of countries overseas.


Customs is an agency in every country that monitors and manages goods coming into their country through people in the airport or items in the mail.  

Through mail, moving your art through customs in any country normally takes 1-3 days.  Legally, customs, such as the like in the USA, can hold a package for 30 days.

There are rare occurrences where we stepped in for the client when customs delayed their package.  We communicated with customs through the carrier until it was time for customs to release the package.  The results?  The clients got their paintings in a few days and received them with great satisfaction.   

This is not a widespread experience, but we are telling you to let you know that it has happened on a few occasions and that we know what to do to get your package to move. 

Yes!  Several of our artists have made custom paintings for our client's specifications and they love the final result!

What do you need to make a custom painting?  We would just need an e-mail containing in attachment a high resolution photograph at  Also, if you have a specific artist you would like to create the custom painting for you, please let us know that as welll.

Trailblazers like The Yeboah "Yeb" Silk Thread Artists create custom works all the time.  Also, Joseph Thiongo, C-Kle, Daniel "Nshira" Akortia, Enam Bosokah, Evans "Yegonizer" Yegon, and Appiah Ntiaw are masters of customization.  

We will initiate and negotiate the cost of the custom painting on your behalf.  

Custom paintings usually take 3-4 weeks from your initial request to its delivery to your door.  Depending on the size and complexity, a custom piece can cost anywhere from $500 - $2,000 +.  You can make payments and the artist would provide us a photo of their finished work for you to see and accept before they send it out.

For everyone’s safety, we hold your payment from the artist until the painting arrives at your doorstep.

Customized paintings are more valuable and personable to the buyer.  With our artists, we highly recommend them!

A Painting labeled as an Original means it was made by the hand of a citizen in Africa who works as an independent painting artist.   Our website is based on Originals and they are purchased first before they are offered as a Print.  Original paintings are one of a kind, hand drawn pieces.  

Certificates of Authenticity are available upon request.

A Painting labeled as Hand Made means that a similar template has been used in comparison to another painting by the same artist.  It was still hand painted, but the inspiration comes from similar designs from the same artist.  Examples of the few Hand Made categories we have on the website are Seleman Kubwimana and Kenyan Cards.

1.  The art is original, one of a kind.

2.  The art is created for us by artists inside Africa.  

3.  The staff for True African Art are all Africans, some living in Africa, some in New York.

3.  The artists reflect their culture in their African paintings and the life they see everyday.

4.  We are True to our Artists in that we pay them fairly for their works.  We market their artwork in many ways that they cannot.

5.  We offer honesty and transparency in any query to you about our collections and how the art gets to your home safely.

Upon delivery, many of our clients tell us that their art looks better in person than it did online because they get to see more of the texture, color, size, etc.  So if you like a painting's picture online, you will most likely love it in person!   

Our photographs of the paintings are taken accurately, but please note that due to light, there may be slight differences.  If you want more details on how a painting may look prior to your purchase, we would be happy to provide different angle photographs of it, close up photos, live video through a phone, etc.

No, 95% do not come framed.  It is not cost friendly to ship framed paintings, nor safe.

So we leave finding the right frame up to you as it is a personal process.  Shopping for a frame gives you the freedom to select just the right color of a matte, plus the size and type of a frame.   

Your local framers will know what to do if you take your paintings to them.  The art store chains of Michael's and AC Moore often have 60% off custom framing accompanying media inserts or online on their websites.

Your unframed painting will arrive to you instead in either a mailing tube or a hard envelope or a box, depending on the size and medium of your piece.

Mostly Kenya and Ghana, but we have also had/have in our collection paintings from: The Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Gambia, The Congo, Mozambique, Sudan, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Most use acrylics on canvas.  We also have watercolors on paper, acrylics on paper, and oils on canvas.  The medium for any particular painting can be found in its description on the Collection Page and is repeated when you click the description and are brought to the Product Details Page, where you can start to make a purchase.

They are new paintings.   Our paintings are not used.  They are made in Africa for resale, often being made just for this website.

Unfortunately, some of our artists cannot afford or find fine art materials in their location.  So they substitute the new canvas sometimes with curtains that have become dirty or or cut up tablecloths.  The result is the same as regular canvas painting wise, it is just the white part of the canvas that is to be stretched onto the sides and back may have markings on them.  So sometimes the canvas will look dirty on the edges and back from the debris of the studio and artist's handling, but this does not reflect on the front or the painting itself.

This is Gathinja Yamokoski.  I am the owner of this website and was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa in the capital city of Nairobi.  I lived there until 2002, whereupon I came to the New York, United States to marry my husband of 21 years.  Since 2004, I have been to Africa more than a dozen times, visiting artists, family, and friends for a long time.  

So I've worked with African Art in Kenya for some time and got to meet many current artists in Kenya and have acquired thousands of paintings from them, most of which have already sold.   Some artists have been so popular on the site that the artists get to keep making paintings for you regularly which means they are getting repeat business from us because of your purchases.  

Our online reputation expanded in 2011 when True African Art started attracting many artists from outside of Kenya, winding us out in early 2023 with 15 countries and over 100 artists that have appeared on our site.  

True African Art thus has the best prices online for the best quality inventory of originals and prints.  To sponsor African Artists' work across the globe involves good communication and trust.  Thankfully, we have much of that already on board, with you as our loyal clients and the staff that serves you internationally.

For paintings labeled "For Viewing," this means the painting is not available as a Print or as an original.  They are not listed as such because the original has already sold and we do not enable Prints for that particular collection. But to keep them as "living on" and being appreciated visually, we keep them up "For Viewing" and this lets the art live on and not just disappear with its owner.

Most of our Sold paintings are not on display as a Print or for Viewing.  This is because the sheer volume would be too much and we feel the prints already available online are the best ones from our Collections.  We have over 500 prints online.  We will continue to add to the Collection as more eligible paintings are scheduled.

Our Prints are high resolution photographs of paintings whose original piece sold or that is a popular painting in our current collection.  They are museum quality reproductions or photograph copies of the original.  

Blue Rhino Map Prints are held with us in New York. 

All other prints ship and are processed by a third party, Fine Art America or Pixels (same company).  The imaging and link for purchase starts from True African Art and goes to our Sister Site for Prints,

There are thousands of combinations for each image presented.  With us, you can customize them any way you like in terms of size, mat, medium, framing, and product!  There are also accessories to choose from like clothing, handbags, duvet covers, greeting cards and more.

In our Header Menu, hover over Prints then choose - Our Prints Website - click that link to go there now.

You will be taken to our Sister Website, African Art Paintings .com  There you can choose from over 500 hand selected paintings that you can order in almost any size, medium, an option to purchase custom frames that you build online, and buy accessories like T-Shirts, tote bags, phone cases, towels, duvets, and more.   There are literally hundreds of combinations for just one image.  It is fun to create a product or framed painting.

The hosting, ordering, and shipping process is handled by Fine Art America/Pixels who are a global, third-party print on demand online service hosting hundreds of thousands of artists and galleries for all their print sales.

1.  Prints often cost less than the original.

2.  They retain virtually the same visual quality, just except they are not the original painting, just a printed photograph.

3.  You can order your print stretched or with mat and frame already assembled on it ready to hang upon delivery.

4.  With 500 + prints to choose from, you get a second chance to buy a sold original as a Print!  

5.  Our prints hosting company has fulfillment centers around the world, so you can get shipping from your area, rather than overseas from the United States.

6.  Our Prints host, Pixels .com or Fine Art America .com has a 30 day try it out policy.

7.  Our artists do 0% work for their prints to be made, but receive a portion of their profits once they reach a threshold of sales.

Remember, our prints are mostly from some of the best originals that have sold or are currently from our website.  So by going to our Prints Website you are greatly increasing your selection and pricing of images to choose from.

1.  They are the first, original painting of the piece.

2.  The art is initially more valuable than the print and grows in value over time.

3.  You can see depth and texture in your Original piece.

4.  The satsifaction of knowing your art came from Africa and supports an artist there.

5.  They can be collected and satisfying as you search for that perfect, original piece.

Yes!  We pay in increments based on an artists sales.   They don’t do anything except accept their profits. 

See our Fair Trade Principles Page to learn more of how we benefit artists across Africa.

We are an online gallery only, we do not have a physical store. Our operations run north of New York City, USA, in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region.  Most of our paintings ship from there.   We have done art shows on the East Coast of the USA.  Locally, we welcome our neighbors to see requested pieces in person at a mutual public location the New York City area and surrounding counties.

We have been selling original African paintings worldwide since 2004. True African Art officially opened online in October, 2009.  So we've been selling other's art from Africa for 20 years and the website has been online for 15 years!  Wow - Happy Birthday!

No, no one person can paint all the different kinds of different painting styles we have in our collection!  I, Gathinja, am the owner of the site and one of the 100 artists that have been featured here.  I am from Kenya but have resided in the USA since 2002.  I go back to Kenya every year to visit my artists, family, and friends.  You can learn more about me and see my art through links on this page.

Please visit our Contact Us Page for all the ways to reach us.

If you would like to reuse any of our content for FREE SHARING that is NO PROBLEM with us.  Just please give us credit by linking back to us through your site posting.  Our URL is:     

To share our videos, embedding code is found on by searching for "True African Art." 

Commercial use of content constitutes anyone using any of our media or paraphrasing our original written biographies.  Instead, this requires the permission of True African and/or the painting's artist as well as payment to both parties.  Commercial categories of business includes if you are a or are becoming a profitable market on social media.  If we find any of our content or rendition of our content, including commercial use of our images, text, any biographical information that is unique to our site, or Gathinja's Women Bottle Figures actual design at a Internet or physical store whose purpose is in any way retail or for profit, note that you have you have infringed on our governmental copyright registrations and we will follow suit. Please Contact Us instead for these purposes so they can be properly handled by you, us, and the artist(s).

No, this Online Gallery acts as our catalog.  We do not have a physical gallery, but ship paintings worldwide from orders you make securely on our website.  Our inventory changes regularly.  We also have sold and popular paintings available as prints.  You can view that interesting and treasure of a collection here:  

Please read our Be on the Site Page. There is no fee to apply or to be featured.  We buy your paintings!