Justin Laryea

Justin Laryea with some of his recent paintings.

Justin Laryea is my name and I am 30 years old, being born in 1986. I am from the Ga tribe of Ghana, West Africa and live in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana's capital city.  I work as an artist full time.

I started to possess the passion for African art right from the time that I started to write as far as I can remember.  For this reason I had no hard time persuading my parents to enroll me in an art school after the completion of Junior Secondary School.

They graciously enrolled me at the Ultimate School of Art, where I was a distinguished student, earning not just a diploma in visual African art, but also great admiration from my classmates and instructors alike during the duration of my training at the school which I completed in the year 2004.  Since that time I have become a member of the Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA).

Subsequently, with hard work and following in the footsteps of great artist like Professor Ablade Glover from afar, I have come of age as an outstanding artist looking for an opportunity to be known to the national and international African art arena.

I have done many paintings, most of them finding themselves on the shelves of local art galleries all over Accra, where most have sold.

I believe that the sky is the limit of any well motivated human being, so with the love for my craft and the desire to succeed, I can only see greatness in the future.

I am mostly an easy going guy.  I notice everything that goes on around me with great interest as I derive my inspiration from the natural environment I find around me and all its people and activities.