Francis Sampson

- Ghanaian Artist, Francis Sampson with one of his Original Paintings -

Acrylics on Canvas,
skillful Paintings from Ghana 

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- About Ghanaian Artist Francis Sampson -

 How Francis Sampson came to True African Art:

Francis came to us in August, 2018 to be considered to Be on our Site.  

Francis is a middle aged who has lived in Ghana his entire life.  His experience with art brings a sense of maturity and its process.  Francis is very excited, but humble about being on our site.  And his talent shines - his paintings are beautiful depictions of all things African, both traditional and modern day.

About Francis' Art History:
In his Own Words.

I'm Francis Sampson and the Father in the house. I'm 54 years old and all my life I have been attuned to African paintings and designing.

My wife is Emma. She has sold clothes for 20 years and helps critique my art.

I have two children:  My son is Emmanuel and he recently completed a University Education.  My daughter is Emma. She was named after her mother and is 27 years old.  She is a certified teacher in Ghana.

My traditional name is Kobina Bonda. I was born in Cape Coast which is in the Central Region of Ghana. After High School, I went into Cape Coast Technical Institute where I obtained a degree in Paintings and Interior Design.

From there I went onto an apprenticeship to train myself more under one great artist called Joe.  I worked with him for some years.  Then, in 1988, I set up my own studio called Cameo Arts Studio.  You'll see the signature "Cameo" on my paintings.

Through my works, I have done some paintings and works for some hotels, schools, offices, political parties and other institutes across Ghana. I have also participated in Art and Culture programs organized by the Ghana Tourism Industry. 

About True African Art:  In His Own Words

What I can say about True African Art and Gathinja is that they are very loyal and committed to African artists.  They were prompt with our agreed payment and have cordial interactions with me and a friendly, personal presence that I can identify with, being an African.  Gathinja and her team encouraged me through the painting process and gave me ideas on how to improve. 

Honestly words can't explain how happy i am to be chosen among many artists to paint for True African Art.  My family and I would like to express our deepest appreciation and thanks for your kindness and this opportunity. My dream is that my art will get international exposure and purchases.

How your purchase helps us help Francis

When you buy one of Francis' paintings, we are able to go back to him when he is low on stock here, to buy more paintings from him and thus he gets repeated income that supports Francis' family and their lifestyle.  With your purchases, we are able to provide our artists this kind of repeat business.  So on behalf of Francis, thank you for your interest and if you like one his paintings, buy one or more for your home. office, or loved one.  

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See this Artist's original art for sale.

Some Artworks available as Prints:
Music and Work by Ghanaian artist, Francis Sampson
"Music and Work"

The Three Monkeys - Funny black and white painting by Francis Sampson
"The Three Monkeys"

A daily scene in West Africa painted by Ghanaian Francis Sampson.
"We Share"

Celebration Drumming by Francis Sampson.
"Celebration Drumming - Blue"

"Marketplace Scene"


"A Normal Day"