Richard Kimemia

Artist Richard Kimemia with Gathinja
Kenyan African Artist

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About Richard, in his own Words

Using oils, I paint detailed African Wildlife and stunning African landscapes. The accuracy and atmosphere created in my art is a mirror to the natural beauty of Africa. My art is a reflection of my fascination with nature and all things wild. I seek the wild around me whether it's in my own back yard or around the world.

I began painting in 2003, professionally since 2008.  At that time I still did graphic art. So I would run there to put up a sign & when I got paid I ran again to the studio to finish a painting.  Locals don’t see the difference between graphic signage art & fine art painting. They called and still called me an African artist.

I trained with Nganga Mukuna for a while then I started reading and practicing from what I read or saw in the books of Robert Bateman, Simon Combes and David Shephard.

I paint out of passion, I love painting so much my wife had suggested a rehab for me when we were newlyweds. At that time some percentage of my income would go to art materials yet I was not selling. 

It's enormously challenging to paint well and in detail, the spots, the hair, the look in the animals eyes. I have the special talent to capture and share my passion and love for Africa through painting.  It’s the details that count: the wrinkles on the tusk and the clouds of dust rising from the massive feet, and the birds scampering to avoid the charge. 

Some other facts about me is that the music I listen to when painting is mostly traditional Jazz or Classical.  I am a fan of artists Guy Combes and Jonathan Truss, especially for their contribution to conservation.   Apart from the Bible I do read inspirational books like Brian Tracy.  I am married with 3 kids. 

I am happy to be chosen to be on True African Art.  Thank you for appreciating my African paintings for sale and I hope you buy one or more.

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 Paintings by Richard Kimemia

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