Gathinja Yamokoski

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Gathinja Yamokoski, Founder and Owner of True African Art .com

Gathinja Yamokoski is True African Art .com's Owner & one of the 100 African artists having been featured on this website.  A Kenyan Native, she has lived in Westchester County, a suburb of New York City, since 2002, where she holds & sends out most of your paintings. Gathinja travels to Africa almost yearly to meet with our artists & to find new painters.  In 2014, Gathinja became a Mom with her husband of 20 years and also became a US  Citizen.  In late 2021, Gathinja and her family became first time home owners.


Instead of repeating information here, you can find a bounty of content about Gathinja within the links below:

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  •     - A sample of her original African paintings for sale.
  •     - Gathinja's biography and more photographs.
  •     - A secondary video with stories about Gathinja's background, as    
          depicted in some of her paintings.
  •    - See her whole collection on her African art Store Page.

    2.  See Gathinja's Women Figures page where you can view:

    •  - Information & background of Gathinja's African women figures.
    •  - Quotes on Gathinja's philosophical views on art.
    •  - See the whole collection of Gathinja's African women figures on her 
         her Store Sales Page.