Complimentary Worldwide Shipping

African Continent Fabric Artwork


The Lowdown:

  • All of our original artworks have complimentary standard or Priority shipping service to any worldwide destination via UPS, DHL, or the United States Postal Service.  The only exclusions to Free Shipping are our Prints, and any Framed or Stretched Art.
  • We ship most paintings from our location in Mid-Hudson Valley, near New York City.  The ones we do not send from near here are sent from Africa by our few artists on consignment or if you ordered a custom piece from any of our African artists.  Even though this art is sent from Africa, rather than here in New York, you still receive Complimentary Shipping Worldwide.

  • Yes, we ship worldwide.  To date, we have shipped to over 30 countries.

  • We send your art out usually within 18 hours of your order placement.

  • Domestic orders are received usually in less than a week from ordering.

  • International orders are received usually in about 2 weeks or less.

  • Expedited Shipping requires what it costs us to send you your art at a no profit quote. Please place your order 24 hours before it is needed to be sent out.
  • We keep in touch with all clients from the time you place an order til your painting arrives through automated and personal e-mails.

The Details:

Most paintings are sent securely rolled in a tube with padding.

If they are a small size on paper, we send them in a hard photo envelope.

Tracking is included for all artworks.  Insurance will be obtained for any painting when it is fragile or when we feel it is necessary to protect the painting or when you request that we insure the package.  

The U.S. Post Office is responsible for any damage during transit or if they lose an item. However, True African Art will always provide top priority customer service to help you in any way possible with any kind of problem or delay of the shipping and delivery of your African painting.

Since 2004, when we started sending out paintings worldwide, only four orders have been returned by the clients.  So more than 99% of received paintings have arrived on time and exceeded the expectations of our clients.  That is several thousand packages. None have ever been lost by the Post Office or UPS.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us.