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Duane says:  True African Art displays many breathtaking pieces on its website. The purchasing process is seamless, the communication from order to delivery is reassuring, and the art work itself was in immaculate condition upon arrival. I will be back for more.

Darryl says:  
I highly recommend True African Art, I ordered my Yeboah custom art from them several years ago, and I named it “Teacher”, as a personal tribute to having learned late in life lessons and as a tip of the hat to my African heritage and my maternal ancestors.

I was incredibly pleased with the care, concern, service and the end product, I was able to make changes as needed from the drafts to satisfy my wishes for color matching, the thousands of beautiful silk threads, the process was a joy, the quality is incredible, the details are amazing, they are easy to work with, I would highly recommend True African Art, their name says it all, and I would use them again. Very happy Customer.

Mikkel says:  I bought two paintings by Cameroon artist Angu Walters. The paintings are beautiful and look amazing hanging up in my house. They bring a smile every time I see them. The service by is great, fast, and very friendly. Highly recommended! 

Tiffany says:  I received Seleman Kubwimana's beautiful and authentic paintings today.  I was overwhelmed with positive emotions and good gratitude when I opened them.  Seleman poured his heart and soul into these beautiful paintings, and these three pieces: Rwatubyaye, Ikibasumba, and Gikundiro, channel the energy of Yemaya/Yemoja. 

Thank you again for collaborating, arranging, and preparing the purchase of original African art. 

Bob says:  The painting I purchased is in perfect condition and is quite beautiful! The post office seems to have broken the picture tube, but no worries. I look forward to collecting more wonderful pieces of African art from you to add to my two pieces! I absolutely love both of the paintings I bought through you. Thanks for bringing beauty to the planet. 

Angela says:  Having spent several years working in Africa, I am always on the lookout for genuine, original, African art.  I was so happy to find True African Art!  I just ordered several pieces, ranging from a canvas painting to some small greeting cards, and they are all fabulous! The quality of the work is great, and I was especially impressed with the customer service and communication from Gathinja. Everything arrived quickly & safely.  Can't wait to get it on my walls!

Ben says:  My wife and I were looking for authentic African art to add to our house. I lived in Kenya for a few years when I was younger and wanted to make sure we supported African artists.  We were so happy to find True African Art.  Our artwork shipped and arrived quickly and they look great! We will definitely share this website with others and purchase from them again. Thank you for making African art accessible to us here in the States and around the world. Thank you for supporting the artists.

Leslie says:  Just wanted to say that I have purchased several pieces from True African Art and have been very pleased with all the art received!  Gathinja is so warm, welcoming, and timely!  Communicating with her is an added bonus! You can tell that she sincerely cares about your being pleased with your purchase as well as your buying experience. If you are a collector of African Art, you should be in touch with True African Art.

Artist Femi from Nigeria says:  It has been 3 years since True African Art accepted me on their website and my experience with them has been nothing but  awesome.  Gathinja and her staff in Africa do a great job in selling my artworks on their platform. They are trustworthy and I know that because I have sold many masterpieces through them and they always pay me promptly and in full for my works.  This dedicated support helps my family.  Thank you Gathinja and Team for making my art known worldwide.

Phil said:  I highly recommend True African Art for not only the wonderful African art offered through their website, but more importantly, the exceptional personal service and support provided by Gathinja.

We commissioned a unique painting that was completed by Kenyan John Ndambo and sent to Gathinja in New York.  All of this was done in very short order and they put the painting in the USPS system right after it arrived and during the peak of the Christmas package rush.

Unfortunately, the tracking line with USPS got broken and the painting could not be located despite repeated efforts by Gathinja and her team.

During the next two weeks, True African Art did everything they could to keep me calm and assured that ultimately the painting would be located.  She never wavered or attempted to make the wandering painting my problem.

They finally located the painting with inquiring with the USPS. It was "vacationing" in Puerto Rico. It arrived yesterday and it was everything we had hoped for.

You can purchase from True African Art with complete confidence. They are professionals who care about the wonderful artists they represent and their clients.

Hannah says:  We were so happy our map arrived yesterday!!  My husband and I were thrilled with it and cannot wait to display it. Thanks so much for all your work and for giving us a piece that reminds us of the Africa we love so much. 

Peggy says:  My Martin Bulinya painting has just arrived. It is WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you for making it available finally. And please thank Mr. Bulinya as well. He has a marvelous talent! 

Linda says:  I just want to say thank you to Gathinja for my wonderful art. I am so pleased! The quality of the art is outstanding! I feel real joy whenever I look at these paintings. I feel that my home in America now reflects my ancestry. Thank you!

Carolann says:  I do love my painting, it was my biggest and most deliberate spend that day at the Art Fair.  As I mentioned, outside of loving art, I was motivated to come and see it by the posting made to Facebook by one of my friends...Please let the artist know that his talent is truly admired.

Richard says:  I had such an excellent experience from the very start with True African Art: from ordering my picture, to the regular progress updates on my custom Silk Thread Art. The delivery was very speedy internationally, and free!  Many thanks, I'll definitely be ordering more art!

Wangeci says:   Hi Gathinja, My painting was delivered today! :) . I'm delighted, to put it mildly!!!   Please pass my best regards to Willie Wamuti.  His art is exquisite and you both are wonderful at the part you play . I'll definitely be back and spread the word about your website.  

DeMonica says:  OMG!!  Kowie's painting is even better in person. I thank each of you for everything. I appreciate the manner in which everything was handled such a sensitive consignment painting.  From me to you to South Africa to me, everything was handled professionally and on time.

Charles says:  I ordered a specific Silk Thread Art painting from Ghana to the USA through Gathinja.  She got in touch with the Yeboah Family and kept me updated with the progress. She talked me through the shipping process and reassured me that everything was on schedule. Gathinja also got in touch with my local post office to ensure delivery after they failed to leave the art at my rear door, despite the explicit directions on the shipping label the Yeboah's had already placed stating so.  But thanks to Gathinja and the Yeb's combined work, I now have an authentic Yeb Silk Art piece of my own and I very much look forward to the next one!

Natalie said:  I bought a Martin Bulinya painting as a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend. I was searching so long for a Kenyan artist who specialized in acrylic and this artist's work is just perfect! My boyfriend absolutely loves it. This painting meant a lot to him as he was born and raised in Kenya.  Thank you for a safe and fast delivery!  We will definitely be ordering from your store again!

Helen says:  Oh, my! The drawing from Nigeria is outstanding!  I finally know what art lovers mean when they say "it spoke to me!"

Becky said:  My painting is stunning! I had it framed with a wide white mat and narrow black frame.  It looks wonderful hanging in my grandson’s room. The Maasai jumping was perfect for him because he jumped with them when we visited their village.

Patricia said:  I have purchased 2 paintings from True African Art & have been pleased beyond words. Gathinja has been diligent in returning calls (we have a 3 hour time delay) & worked hard to get the paintings that I wished delivered in a safe & timely fashion. The paintings are a true representation of the Africa that my husbands family comes from. You gaze at the scenes & you are transported by the artist talent to the villages & plains. Please help these artists to continue sharing their talents by purchasing their works. You will NOT be disappointed.

Martin said:  I received Mahlet's painting and it looks so much better in person, even though it looked great online too.  Just amazing artwork! I will definitely spread the word about your website!

Lesley said:  I recently discovered True African Art on the Internet and have since purchased a number of custom, beautiful paintings by Appiah Ntiaw, with which I am delighted. The service I have received from Gathinja has been truly exceptional and I would happily recommend her online gallery. Lesley, Scotland.

George said:  Hello Gathinja,  Our Blue Rhino Maps just arrived, and they're beautiful!  Just what we'd hoped for.  Thank you very much!  All the best.

Margaret said:   The 3 John Ndambo paintings arrived today! They are fabulous!!! Thank you for making these and so many other wonderful works by African artists available on the Internet!

Ghanaian painter Appiah Ntiaw said:
Gathinja, I just want to say thank you for promoting African Art and I am grateful and proud to be part of True African Art .com You are not only promoting me but you encouraged me to be myself as an African. Thank you for treating us as one family.

Artist from Ghana Daniel Akortia said: Hello True African Art, On behalf of the many artists you host from Ghana, West Africa, I just want to say thank you for all the promotion and sales you've been doing for us. Your inspiration and
 has help us to be where we are today. Thanks for giving us equal opportunity to be able to come out with a good work. I see that you treat Ghanaians and artists from other countries in Africa with respect and mutual trust. You make us feel at home and we are grateful. May God richly bless you and keep on doing the good work you are doing for us the artists.

Kenyan Willie Wamuti said:  I am one of the artist's participating on True African I wanted to bear fruit to the fact that Gathinja is faithful to serving and keeping in touch with us African artists. She is true to her support of us and this great undertaking of a website. Gathinja has also passed on a common question from those who view my artwork asking why I paint African women. I wanted to take this forum to say that I paint them because they symbolize to me strength and love. In good times and bad times women seem to take on a lot of the pressures of the African community and they do not waver. Instead, they are silently building communities, they are building society. Art makes me happy and I am glad to hear from Gathinja's visitors that they have felt happiness through the messages in my artwork. I am grateful to Gathinja for including my artwork of African women. Thank you Gathinja! True African's high standard is reformatting the way African art is portrayed to the world on the Internet.

Jacquelynn said:  My Batik arrived yesterday and it is very beautiful.  I love the quality and I am very happy with it.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

Darrell from Texas said:   I just opened the package containing my Kimbo Batik. It is beautiful! Thank you for presenting African artists through social media. I appreciate receiving the Batik within 2 days of purchase. Thank you for your timeliness and professionalism. I purchased another Kimbo today after seeing the one that I first ordered!

Shirley said: Hi Gathinja - I just received Masoud's "Song of Love" piece from you overseas & absolutely love it! The colors are exactly as the photo on your site & in real life it is just completely gorgeous. Am so glad I made this purchase! Thanks for your personal touch in all the buying experience!

Jill said:  Hi Gathinja, I just received Ti Jay's beautiful painting "My Village" today in Canada and I absolutely LOVE it! It arrived quickly and in perfect condition and is so much more spectacular than the website could possibly portray...the colors are incredible and Ti Jay is such a talented artist! Thank you to you and Ti Jay for your personal care in getting it to me. I would highly recommend buying paintings through your beautiful website!

Kenyan artist Martin Bulinya said:   Me, being an African artist, my artwork is in several places. I've been following what True African Art has been doing amongst us African artists and I would have to say say that you have been the best website who has hosted us thus far. I am really happy with you. I'm very delighted with the way you've displayed my art, how you've presented me to the world. And I am trusting of your service and dedication to your fellow Africans through the True African Art project. I hope that the people out there who have bought my art are enjoying it and that even more people will come to enjoy it.

Artist Ti Jay from Ghana said:  I am a recent addition to True African as a Ghanaian artist. I've looked at your site for hours, Gathinja, and it just has the right spice. Congratulations! Years ago my paintings were hiding in the slums of Nima, Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Now I am together with Africa's best artists, and presented on a Worldwide platform. Thanks to Gathinja for one of the world's greatest online African art galleries!

Mike said:  Hi Gathinja. Just wanted to let you know that I received my Nii Hylton "Wisdom Tree" print today. I really love it. I love the simplicity of it. And I love the rich hues. I especially love the way the artist painted the sun. It's really incredible! Awesome! I don't know how you are affiliated with Fine Art America, but they did a really nice job with this. It's beautifully stretched and even has a hanger on the back, ready to hang. And if you speak with the artist, Nii Hylton, please let him know how much I love this painting. To me, Wisdom Tree is such a serene and calming work of art. I'm so glad I ordered it!!!!!!

William and Elise said:   We have purchased Martin Bulinya and John Ndambo original paintings. They are now framed and in our collection. Lovely work. Grateful also for Gathinja's efforts in bringing this art to America.

Charles and Jacqueline said:   Greetings to our New York artistic friends. Jacqueline and I received the art package at our door several minutes ago and have just now unpacked and unrolled the canvas. Needless to say we were wowed and loved even more the messages and certificates included by Ti Jay in the package. We are thrilled with the purchase. Thrilled. Pass on our gratitude and continued admiration to Ti Jay. As with most of the other work we have on our walls, I will make a custom frame, though I know it cannot be worthy of the painting. Again, thank you.

Katherine said:  This is the second order I have placed an order with True African Art. The previous order was several years ago. This time, the items I ordered got delayed due to the Post Office's inaction. True African Art went above and beyond to solve this problem that was not their fault. I am very pleased with their willingness and ability that got my order from the Post Office to my house in time for the Holidays. I recommend them highly. Thank you Gathinja and team!

Kwaku said:  This is my first time purchasing from True African Art. The shipping was fast, I received my paintings within 3 days. I am so impressed by the quality; the colors are very vibrant and yet natural. They are truly African.

Jane said:  The Blue Rhino Maps of the different countries are truly unique and very beautiful in a traditional and artistic way. We have seven countries framed and hung in our hallway - they are always a pleasure to look at.

Jenny said:
I can wholeheartedly recommend purchasing from True African Art. The canvas I selected was exceptional, financial transaction easy, and the posting they did for the painting to be sent overseas was very quick. All of True African Art's communication was professional and instant! The outcome of the complete transaction was extremely good.

Kerry said:  I absolutely love my painting! I received it in a short amount of time and all my questions were answered promptly. True African Art is a pleasure to work with and I am so delighted I found them on Facebook!

Patrica said:   Several years ago I found this web site and how blessed. The most beautiful art. Truly African!! Gathinja is the best. She has always shipped ASAP and art always arrives in PERFECT condition. Please support her very talented artists!

Dale said:  The prints I ordered are beautiful and arrived on time. These are good people - a pleasure to deal with - thanks!

Marva said:  I absolutely love the print I purchased from True African Art. Once my purchase was made I got an email instantly and arrangements were made for my delivery. The artist Abdul Badi, who happens to live near me in Brooklyn, personally delivered and hung my print for me. This customer service goes beyond anything I've ever experienced. I highly recommend this website for art purchases. The prices, the selection, the customer service and professionalism is at its best.

Gala said:  I received my Ras T painting ahead of its delivery time and it arrived just as described. It's a beautiful piece of art. I'm currently having it stretched. Can't wait to put the it on my wall. I'm sure it will look beautiful!

Kowie Theron from South Africa said:
I am an artist from South Africa and True African Art has given me the opportunity to expose my art overseas. Gathinja and team have been great with their marketing, representation and communication during the processes of my sales. Everything has been transparent from timely communication to the last detail. Thanks so much Gathinja and team!

Peter Boateng from Ghana said:  As an African artist, I am so appreciative of the service True African Art afforded me. Their client, Juliet, bought my piece entitled, "Hopeful." Gathinja's transaction was smooth, honest, clear and transparent and more importantly, fast. Julie received the artwork exactly as scheduled and loves it! Thumbs up to True African Art for making your clients and artists happy!

Juliet said:  Dear Gathinja, My graphite pencil drawing from Peter Boateng arrived today.  I am very, very pleased with the beauty of this piece! Please tell Peter how happy I am and how thrilled to have this lovely piece of work in my hands. I am very happy with True African Art and the way that you are so helpful and loyal to your buyers, making sure we are satisfied, that the painting arrives on time, and making convenient and flexible payment plans.  I am feeling truly blessed to be able to enjoy being an owner of Peter Boateng's exceptional, original African artwork.

June said:  I loved the handmade animal cards I ordered. I framed them and they look great! Even though they cost more than the ones I bought in Cape Town, I was happy to find them on Gathinja's website. Her customer service is superior!

Kim said:  I bought one of Richard Kimbo's Batiks. I truely love it! I live in Ibiza, Spain and it arrived safely in just eight days. The service True African Art gave was perfect! Gathinja answered all my questions in a very kind way. Thank you again and please give my very best regards to Richard Kimbo!

Patrick said:  True African Art .com is a very professional small business. The service provided is excellent and prompt. They will work with you to help you attain the artwork you seek, and walk you through the process while keeping you well informed. Very knowledgeable staff. I shall be returning soon for more. Best regards Gathinja and Staff, Patrick

Jackie from the United Kingdom said:  Hi Gathinja, Thanks so much for the Zambia Blue Rhino map. I love it! Great service, great product. Every time we visit Africa we buy a map of the country. Hoping to be visiting lots more and buying lots more maps. Africa and its people have stolen my heart!

Sheena said:  The framed painting that we purchased for our CEO is absolutely stunning! We are thrilled with it. It was an honor to work with True African Art! Gathinja communicates on a regular basis, from questions to confirming we received shipment. Can't praise this site any more! Stunning works and a pleasure to do business with. Looking forward to future purchases. 

Catherine said:  Just received the three 36" x 48" stretched Abdul Badi prints that I had ordered - Surma Girl, Surma Profile and Smile. Abdul is one of the artists on consignment and happens to live near me so he delivered them himself and even installed them. The prints in this largest size are nothing short of phenomenal! Walking into the house and encountering these African artworks after a hard day at work is absolutely wonderful! Thank you again Abdul and Gathinja.

Brittany said:   Our artwork arrived very quickly and was protected against damage. The artist's piece is beautiful and we are very pleased with the quality. We will definitely be ordering again from True African Art in the future and are grateful that such companies like this are around.

Eddy from Ireland said:
Received my Appiah Ntiaw painting today in Ireland. As others have said, the Internet just can't do the beautiful art justice. Everything about True African Art's service is First Class! Thank you to both Appiah and Gathinja.

Isabel said:  I live in the center of Europe & my first thought was that I will never receive my painting & I will lose my money. But no, ten days after my command the painting arrived in great condition, no problem with customs, & more beautiful looking than on the website. I am very happy to have it & all the procedures were correct & over my expectations. Thank you Gathinja for serving me through True African Art.

Debra said  My order arrived on time as promised and in excellent condition. I would certainly endorse your website. In a world of mediocre customer service, you excel at providing the very best follow through, timeliness, and communication. Thank you!

Darrell said:  This website is a First-Class operation & this is reflected in the people behind this organization. I found a piece that I wanted but I did not want to purchase it online. Gathinja was gracious enough to oblige by processing the transaction over the phone & I received my purchase within 4 days of my initial inquiry. I would highly recommend True African Art as your first choice for quality, original African paintings.

Artist Elisha Ongere from Kenya said:  I am happy with what you have done for me as an artist on True African Art .com. It takes skill, time and patience to sell a painting. All the paintings you have sold for me, it means a lot, especially the three from yesterday. I am grateful. By paying me promptly you inspire me. You have won my trust by this as it goes a long way in the way you manage your artists. This is what makes artists want to work and keep their paintings with you. Maintain this and you will continue to go far. Artist Ongere. 

Bill said:  True African Art is a joy to work with. They represent a wide range of artists and styles, something for everyone. In addition, their work provides an expanded market and exposure for talented people from Africa whom may not be able to reach larger markets without them. I will continue to support them.

Mike said:  I have acquired over a dozen paintings from True African Art and have been overwhelmed by every one of them. My latest order was a 24" x 36" custom made watercolor painting made in Kenya for me by artist Joseph Thiongo and delivered from within the USA by True African Art's owner, Gathinja. A custom painting is such a sensitive order, but Gathinja and Joseph exceeded my expectations by providing me with a masterpiece which I will enjoy and treasure always. Gathinja does everything with orders that she says on the website she is going to do. And then she goes that extra mile to make sure the artwork and her service exceeds your expectations. Any question I ever had, anything I wanted to know, Gathinja always answered my emails in a timely fashion. Because of True African Art, I have beautiful art I never dreamed I would own! I couldn't possibly be more pleased than I am. I want to thank Gathinja for her amazing customer service and for bringing the beautiful talent of otherwise unknown African artists to the public. All the best, Mike

Jean from Belgium said:  Do not hesitate to buy on this site! The communication is amazing, the delivery is very fast and the online payment is secure. Thanks to Gathinja!

Phyllis said:   Wonderful site for locating affordable art. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and the speed for sending my selections. I will be a repeat customer.

Joyce said:  I live overseas from the USA and bought four original paintings from True African Art and I love all four. They are on proud display on my wall! Gathinja kept me up to speed with my transaction and the delivery time, even when I was a little worried, she tracked the paintings and put my mind at rest. I am a very happy customer with True African Art and will keep checking the website for new paintings!

Wildlife African painter from Kenya, Daniel Njoroge said:  Being as I am a featured artist on True African, I am grateful that you are sponsoring not only my African art paintings, but certain causes I support. When I started painting in the 1970's I wanted the world to be able to see my paintings. And I wanted to renovate an interest in the history of where our African culture came from. This was because our young people may not see the same culture I did when I was young. The fact that you have so much information on our culture and show it visually through our paintings, it is a very good interpretation. Your work has given us artists exposure away from our own country and continent, and that is something that is very welcome. You came, you found us, you worked hard and you promoted us through a beautiful website. All of that Gathinja, all of that is very much appreciated. May favor come your way, Daniel Njoroge.

Francis said:   Hello Ms. Yamokoski, this is in regards to my order from African artist Abdul Badi's print called "Surma Girl." It is so much better than what I expected. The web page photo didn't do it justice. Please tell Mr. Badi that I am very pleased with his work! I must also mention that I appreciate your follow up to make sure I was satisfied with the whole experience with True African Art. I will brag about you to my friends. Thank you again for going above and beyond.

Woman African artist Sarah Shiundu from Kenya said: (Sarah sadly passed away in March, 2013.)   As an African woman artist appearing on True African, I want to send my gratitude to the website's owner and fellow Kenyan, Gathinja, for promoting my work in such a good way. But I also want to express to True African's visitors what is most important to me and that is that I am very thankful to to people who have bought my work. I am so happy they have a piece of my artwork in their homes. I am very encouraged by this such that it vitalizes me to do what I do everyday, and that is to paint with ambition and happiness. So thank you for inspiring my life from thousands of miles away.

Wildlife Watercolors painter from Kenya, Joseph Thiongo said:  We African artists on this website have done very well with Gathinja since we met. She has been very supportive on my side and in fact the support is something that has encouraged me so much in my artistic life. I can say that True African is the best website that I have dealt with in the art field. You are so appreciative. The way we have been dealing with you, I have been very happy.

Alison, United Kingdom said:  Gathinja, many thanks for your great service. You responded quickly and full of warm information to my questions regarding the painting I purchased and also the shipping to the UK. We have just collected it from the framing shop and it looks really beautiful. Thanks again and I will keep my eye on your website for new art to order. Best wishes, Alison, UK

Ghanaian African Artist Nii Hylton said:  Working with Gathinja Yamokoski of True African Art has been one of my most fruitful art experiences. Being associated to them internationally has successfully bridged the gaps created by misconceptions of long distance communication. Through "Skype", we are able to stay in touch constantly in order to maintain our good working relationship. Its always a pleasure working with them. Good job Gathinja and thanks for all you're doing in the world of African art!

Jacqueline and Charles said:  We ordered a custom painting from your Ghanian artist, Appiah Ntiaw that he sent to us from abroad. First off, the painting arrived much more quickly than I expected. Second, the art work Appiah created is majestic. We could not have wished for more. Please tell Appiah that we think the painting inspires thought and emotion and is simply gorgeous. His painting will be in our central living space. Thirdly, it is a lovely experience for us to deal with such a business as yours in which there is personal concern, efficiency and trustworthiness. Your resourceful efforts as an agent, your judgment, and your kindness have exceeded our expectations. Thank you Gathinja for your ingenuity, compassion and fairness, and please convey our thanks to Appiah for his amazing talent. May your success grow!

Genevieve said:  I ordered 4 paintings from artists that were on consignment with True African Art. They sent paintings to me from Ghana and New Jersey with True African Art taking my order from New York. Thanks to the artists for being so prompt with their deliveries and especially to you, Gathinja, for making me feel so comfortable and safe with such a sensitive order as this. You have excellent customer service and you made me feel great!!! Take care and many, many thanks!!!

Tanya said:  I want people to know that it's been a truly great experience dealing with Gathinja: very honest, and easy to work with. Her customer service is excellent, and of course I LOVE the artworks I have purchased!! Keep them coming!!

Bob said:  My fiancee and I were looking for a company to assist us in purchasing Tingatinga paintings to be used as wedding favors. We called several art dealers who supposedly specialized in Tingatinga work from Tanzania only to be disappointed. Finally, we found True African Art. They asked us the right questions and could not have been more helpful in making our custom order of over 250 pieces a reality. Our thanks to True African Art for making our wedding favors and the entire wedding all the more memorable.

Karen said:   Hi Gathinja, Absolutely fabulous customer service! The Blue Rhino Map of Uganda arrived in Australia in perfect condition and within the time frame specified. I love your site and have already recommended it to many friends. I have been to Uganda twice in the last 4 years and absolutely love Africa and its people. You are doing a fabulous job in promoting African art and supporting African artists. Congratulations!

Raynard said:  I recently order 2 paintings from this website and was impressed with service I received. As soon as I made my order I was contacted immediately by representatives of the site. They communicated clearly the process of the order and other events that I should watch out for. The paintings that I ordered arrived to me in mint condition and the quality was just as superb as I would have hoped. Thank you for your service and hopefully we can do business again.

Marinette said:  Gathinja, thank you for sending to us in France Wycliffe Ndwigas Leopard in the Tree and the Three Elephants. They seem so real! And thank you to Martin Bulinya for his painting, the colors and lighting in it are beautiful! Gathinja, your service was excellent and quick. Kind regards

Michael said:  Gathinja, I can only applaud you on your approach in selling art. Your friendly, modern, easy way to sell art has made me a repeat client! Greetings from Vienna!

Charles said:  I had a very impressive response with my order from True African Art. I ordered two of Ti Jay's paintings, one of the few artists on consignment with the website, so the paintings were actually being delivered from Ghana, West Africa. I placed my order through e-mail on Saturday, October 30th. That same day, from the USA, Gathinja had made the necessary arrangements with Ti Jay in Ghana and on Monday he had sent out the paintings to me in the USA. On Friday, November 5th, to my amazement, the paintings were at my doorstep in perfect condition! True African Art's sensitivity in handling our international order was absolutely exceptional! Be sure that any additional African art my wife and I decide to add to our walls will definitely come through your service. You have a website of great class and we enjoyed your kind, personal touch. Please also relay to Ti Jay the pure pleasure we take in his creations. The "Mediation" painting especially spoke to my wife in beautiful voice. Best regards, Charles

Salvatore said:  With many purchasing experiences from the Internet, I have to say that True African is one of the best experiences I've had. Very honorable, very honest, very helpful, and the map I received was just as what Gathinja mentioned! Will definitely order again in the future!! Many thanks!

Mrs. C Payne said:  Even though I live overseas from you in the UK, your high stature of service kept me informed the whole way through, creating a quick and easy delivery. Thank you for making the delicate process of buying art online so solid. Finally there is a contemporary African art website that has some sophistication and quality choices of artwork! I am very pleased with my painting.

Anne said:  Gathinja--I just received my paintings in the mail. They actually look better in person than they did online! The paintings were secured in their package extremely well and your speed of service was swift from my first e-mail to you to when they arrived. Thank you so much for providing a classy African art website that is both professional and informative. I would warmly suggest your site to anyone who seeks an African painting.  

Alison said: I had the most enjoyable time dealing with Gathinja who is an absolute joy. You're a person I'd love to meet and spend some quality time with. I'm absolutely thrilled with my Blue Rhino map of Zimbabwe. It's now framed and is my Christmas present to myself. It arrived well packed and in A1 condition. So all in all, the whole experience is something I wish I could go through every day. Thank you so much. Regards, Alison