Enam Bosokah

Enam Bosokah from Ghana draws with only a Bic Pen.
Enam Bosokah, Bic Pen Artist from Ghana

Bic Pen Drawings

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Exclusive Interview with Enam Bosokah

True African Art spent some good time with Enam on the telephone over the course of several conversations. He is a good man, knowledgable about his African art paintings and passionate about his role as an African artist. In his own words, here are some of the highlights of what Enam has relayed us:

"There are seven of us in my family. My younger brother also practices art and my Dad draws too. In his ancestral line there are a few artists, though my Dad never took it up as a profession.

It was very early when I knew I could draw. I didn't have access to education in art or its resources while growing up. But I remember in an Elementary class, we had to draw an animal. The teacher walked around to see how we were doing and she saw my work and encouraged the whole class to come over to see how I drew. She described it as 'Amazing.' Later, my teacher would call me up to the board to draw on an occasional basis for the class to look on and draw in their sketch books.

As I grew older, I had to fulfill the dream within me which was producing art. I went to the University, studied art, got my degree and decided to have a feel of the reality on the field of practice before I plunged into a Masters of Fine Arts degree. I eventually got disappointed going in with so much energy and optimism but with no funds. But then, I had a pen and paper, a perfect media, I thought. That was how it all begun. And I am doing very well now.

There is no name for the style of drawing I do. There are a lot of lines and minute squares. I have not named my style as I will always change it, I didn't want to keep to one confinement. It's a freestyle.

I work in the evening, late in the night where I can draw without interruption. I can come back to a painting after a long time, unless I am commissioned to do a piece for a client. I do what I feel like doing at what time. But roughly, it takes about 3-4 days to make a piece.

Although I love sculpture, I have a real opportunity with African paintings. This is it. I am very much open to art and what it can bring to me and people who love my work.

Art within me keeps growing and growing. I don't know where the painting thing is going to take me, but I am willing to explore. I want to get deep into my subject and focus on that inner being of my subject and that is what I try to capture, the essence of a person through an original portrait drawn only with a ball point pen.

I want the public to know that I am just a young artist who is craving to do more. I really don't feel like I found my time in art just yet. For some time now we have big names come from Europe, Asia, and America. But here I am, I am coming from Africa. I want to make it all the way to the top. I want to be in so many different countries wanting my work. Regardless of what medium: my pen works, my sculptures, my paintings. 20 years from now, I want records of my art and how it was made a success. I want to inspire people all over the world."

In another interview, this is what was said about Enam's drawing process:

"The artist’s drawings offer a glimpse into his process, and the exquisite images are produced with many layers of pen marks. Bosokah will start with wide, criss-crossing lines and refine the drawing with this repetitive motion. It allows him to add as much shading as necessary to make his subjects appear three dimensional. And, looking at every highlight, subtle shadow, and texture, it’s awe-inspiring what you can do with an everyday office tool.

'A lot of artists avoid pens because of the irreversibility (i.e., the inability to erase), but I believe it is one of the easier tools to work with,' says Enam. Eyeing from a distance, the images look more like black and white pictures. A closer glance, however, reveals intense use of creative techniques such as cross-hatching and stippling."

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Some Drawings by Enam:

Enam Bosokah draws solely with a Bic Pen and Paper.
"In my Garden"

By Enam Bosokah | Woman of Hope | True African Art .com
"Woman of Hope"

Child | Enam Bosokah | True African Art .com

Still Life Bic Pen Drawing by Enam Bosokah
"Of Age"

Bic Pen Drawing by Enam Bosokah | True African Art .com
"Cry then Fly"