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Artist Peter Boateng  |  Ghana  |  Protected  | Graphite pencil on paper  |  Sold
Drawing by Peter Boateng (Sold)

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  • Where can I Make an Offer on a Painting?
You can Make an Offer on most of our original paintings. From where you see a Collection of Paintings, click the one you want to buy.  This will take you to what is called the Product Details Page.  Here, there is a red button with the words "Make an Offer."  Click it to start your negotiations with our AI Chatbot, "Nibble."

The Product Details Page button looks like this:

To see exclusions, see our Footer on any Page or read the list below.

  • What amount should I offer?

    The amount of your offer should reflect what the artwork is worth to you personally.  It should also consider our asking price for a realistic range of offer bids. 
  • Where does the Make an Offer come from as a way to pay?

Before money systems were introduced, humans trading inside Africa negotiated between each other as a way of life to get the goods they needed to survive and profit.

  • Does Make an Offer exist today?

Yes!  In many places inside Africa today still, in addition to other places around the world, making offers on products or services is the expected way to make a formal transaction.  In America, it's been popularized by online websites like E-Bay and recent Television shows like "Shark Tank" and "Deal or No Deal." 

The best deals you can make with our Make an Offer feature can be made by contacting us personally through

      • Using our Contact Us Page on this website to E-Mail us.
      • E-Mailing us directly at Info@TrueAfricanArt.com
      • Or by Calling us at +1.914.444.2159 (EST).

In other words, we are flexible.  In each instance, please name your price and the title and artist of the painting(s) you are bidding on.  Thanks!

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