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How are "Easy Returns" actually easy for me?

Is your online Checkout Process secure?

How do I make a direct purchase online through your website?

What does "Make an Offer" mean?

How do I Make an Offer?

How are your prices so low for original art?

Why are some of your pieces so expensive?

If I can Make an Offer, why do you list a price under each painting?

Do you have a Lowest Price Guarantee?

What credit/debit cards do you process?

I'm not comfortable paying online. What other payment options do you have?

I live in the New York City area near you. How can I purchase from your art collection in person?

Can I make payments in installments over time for my art?

I live overseas. Can you call me with an order I want to make?

How do the paintings from your few consignment artists get to me?

How does my purchase support the artists you represent?


Tell me more about Free Worldwide Shipping.

In what situations would I pay for shipping?

Where do you ship from?

Will I receive a tracking number for my artwork?

How will you pack my paintings?

Will my shipment of art be insured?

Do you offer Expedited or Express shipping?

How long does it take a painting to reach me if I live within the USA?

How long does it for a painting to reach me if I live outside the USA?


What are "original" paintings?

What makes your African Art "True"?

What countries in Africa are your paintings from?

How close to "in person" are the pictures you take of the paintings?

Are all your original paintings framed?

How did you acquire your collection from Africa?


What are prints?

Where do I find your prints?

Why should I get a Print over an Original?

Why should I get an Original over a Print?


Where is True African Art located?

How long have you been in business?

Are you the artist of the paintings I see here?

How do I contact you with a question I have?

Can I use any of the content on your site for research, charity, or for commercial use?

Do you have a catalog available?

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