Easy Returns

Easy Returns for 60 Days  |  True African Art .com

Try a painting in your home for 60 days!

If it doesn't suit your fancy or simply doesn't fit your home decor, you can return it within 60 days for an exchange, credit, or refund.

The Details:

We want the African art paintings you purchase from us to always exceed your expectations.  But you need to know before you make a purchase what the details are just in case you want to make a return, right?  No need to worry, everything in our Easy Returns is in your favor and with you in mind.  Like the name says - it is easy...

Return Policy Summary:

We have sent thousands of paintings since 2009.  Only five orders have ever resulted in a return since that time.  So 99% of the people that have received paintings from us love them even more when they see them in person!  This is thousands of people.  The remaining less than 1% who need a return, this policy is for you.

Return Policy Details:

We ask that you Contact Us before returning a painting.

Shipping costs back to us will be refunded with your painting refund, once it is received back in our hands.  Please e-mail a copy of your shipping receipt.

Returned paintings must be in the same aesthetic condition they were sent in order to qualify for a return.  If a painting was damaged in the mail, please take photos of any damage to the actual painting (not just the packaging) and e-mail them to us so we can review your return.

Refunds will go back to the same payment method as originated.

Consignment Artists:

Consignment means that the artist holds the painting with them in Africa and sends it out to you when you order it through us.  The artist is paid their profit from us after you receive their painting and confirm its safety and your satisfaction.  Consignment paintings ship from the artist's country with Complimentary Shipping Worldwide.  We will provide you with its tracking number.  It could take 1-2 weeks, more or less, to reach you from Africa.

For our few artists on consignment, their return period is 5 days. This is so that they do not have wait the 60 days to receive the payment we collect from you for their paintings.  

Prints:  All prints on our Prints website, AfricanArtPaintings.com, have a 30 day money back guarantee offered through the host, Fine Art America or Pixels.  Prints ordered on True African Art .com, specifically Abdul Badi and Blue Rhino Maps, are not returnable.

See our Terms and Conditions for more formal language.

Thank you for trusting True African Art .com.