Olumide Egunlae

Olumide with the African paintings he made for sale on our website
- Gambian Artist, Olumide Egunlae, with some of
the paintings made exclusively for True African Art .com -

Colorful Art made with Oils

Here are samples of artworks from this African Artist, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

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- About this Gambian African Artist -

Born in 1968, from the Yoruba in Ado-Ekiti Nigeria, Olumide discovered his love of art at a young age of six, through some of his relatives and later, his professors. 

Following his natural artistic instinct he acquired techniques and preferences which he relates through his works. After 20 years as Visual Art Teacher and Instructor, Olumide returned to his easel and brushes on a full time basis. His personality is a big part of his work. He says that whenever he starts on a new painting, he embarks on a personal journey through a host of emotions, all carefully considered and expressed through colors, textures and forms.


  • Bachelor of Arts and Education - Fine Art (B.A.Ed) from the Federal University of Education , Ondo, Nigeria. 1991

  • Masters in Divinity (M.Div) in 2012 

  • A Doctoral Degree in Expository Communication (D.ExCom) all on Scholarship from The Faith Seminary Tacoma, Washington, USA.  2017


  • Olumide is the CEO and Founder of The Adonai Art Foundation. The Gambia (AFAG) is a licensed Charitable Organization/NGO.

  • Olumide is also a member of the Society of Gambian Artists and a member of the Rotary Club of Banjul.


“The foundation is committed to development of projects that rejuvenate, resuscitate and stimulate physical and social life of the Gambians by creating a medium and avenue for human expression that will open doors of opportunities to be entrepreneurial, fight poverty and alleviate the suffering of the poor and the less privileged.  The foundation is also committed in the areas of vocational skills training and securing job opportunities for its students within the fields of Art and Design." 

“At AFAG, we encourage cultural exchanges, connecting communities and engage in programs that promote culture, social life and civic development of the nation.”

Information adapted from:  https://www.saatchiart.com/africanpaintings

Note that the paintings Olumide has sold True African Art are smaller than the ones he sells on Saatchi's site but not too small...Here, Olumide's paintings are 20" x 30" and are priced right for our website, allowing us to sell them to you at much more affordable rates than Saatchi Art.  Thus, we have the lowest prices online for Olumide's original artworks. 

See this Artist's original art for sale.

Some Original Art from Olumide Egunlae

Olumide Egunlae's Mask Portrait from Gambia only on True African Art .com
"Mask Portrait"

Olumide Egunlae One Umbrella  |  Gambia  |  True African Art .com
"One Umbrella"

Olumide Egunlae's A Responsible Young Man  |  Gambia  |  True African Art .com
"A Responsible Young Man"

Olumide Egunlae's The Instrument  |  Gambia  |  True African Art .com
"The Instrument"