Michael Kivindyo

Friends & Staff of True African Art .com, Michael Kivindyo and Gathinja Yamokoski
- Family friends and Staff of True African Art .com,
Michael Kivindyo, Consultant, and Gathinja Yamokoski, Owner -

Michael deals with Africa's matters versus our global audience, giving his expertise on International Marketing for us, our artists, and you. He is the Psychology behind the website, a great motivator and diligent communicator.  His work with our artists has been invaluable.  He has worked with us since 2007 and lives in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya.  Michael has a well mannered, but rambunctious brother and sister, and a very lovable and beautiful Mother.  Michael is in his late thirties.

Michael Kivindyo works as True African Art .com's Consultant.  In this vital role, he is the link between Africa's culture and the site's global audience.  He has guided the direction of True African Art.com since its inception, giving his expertise on international relations with our artists, how to market the website, and how to manage a sophisticated class of customer service that serves our client base with distinction.  In doing all of this, Michael has articulated many times over the message and principals we hold in our slogan, "Loyal to Artists ... Loyal to You."True African Art.com Consultant, Michael Kivindyo

In addition to serving True African Art.com, Michael Kivindyo also worked for eight years as The Standard Group's Ltd. Public Relations Executive.  The Standard Group consists of 1500 employees and four media outlets: Kenya Television Network (KTN), the Daily Standard Newspaper, Publishers Distribution Services which circulates over 1,000 magazine titles, and the newly founded Radio Maisha.  Now he works at Media Max Ltd. which runs K24 Television, Kameme FM, and The People Newspaper.  Michael's role at Media Max Ltd. is as their Marketing & Business Development Manager.  His experience in this field translates well for the consulting work he provides for True African Art.com.

It was at a dance party in the year 2000 where website founder, Gathinja, met her long time friend Michael Kivindyo. At the time Michael met Gathinja, he was attending the University of Nairobi majoring in Marketing & had just graduated from Nakuru High School. Since Gathinja moved to the United States in 2002, she & Michael have kept in touch on a weekly basis by phone, if not more often.  And whenever Gathinja travels back home to Kenya, almost on a yearly basis, Michael assists her in all the reorientation activities back to her homeland, while reuniting with other friends for Nairobi's weekend nightlife.

Michael Kivindyo | True African Art .com ConsultantOne of Michael's most endearing qualities is that he has the uncanny ability to make one feel welcome & accepted in any group.  Always looking out for the underdog, Michael's kindness, sensitivity, & general love of people makes him a very popular figure in the city of Nairobi.  Michael also carries with him a theatrical brand of humor that breaks the ice with those who deal with him on a business level.  A tremendously faithful friend, Michael is also the proud & loving brother to his sister, Marilyn, and his brother, Sam.  A respectful love for his family feeds Michael the fuel he needs everyday to give this love & affection back to his community of Nairobi.

About True African Art .com, Michael says: 

"This has been an ambitious journey!  We have gone through great lengths to collect the thousands of original African art paintings that have sold to date.  This is a great service to our artists who use the income from you to us to them for their lifestyle and families. 

And the best is yet to come!  We hope that our Artists from Africa will inspire you when you buy their artworks.  It's all about the artists.  It's also all about, of course, the end user.  We're talking about loyalty here..."Loyal to Artists....Loyal to You"...that is the motto! 

So what I can say is that I am very excited that the people out there that we have worked so hard for to enjoy African art are getting to see all the works that we have collected.  We just keep going back to the artist to get more paintings while adding new artists all the time. 

So, I think it's up to you to see!  I hope that you look through the website!  We're always here at True African Art .com. Thank you for your trust and for choosing True African Art to provide you with such a personal choice as original artwork."