African Paintings' Worth

What value African Art Paintings
will give to others, you & your home!


They make a great gift!

They may share a memory between the two of you.

Custom paintings can become a great surprise to give.

You are exposing them to other paintings on True African Art.

(A Photo)


(A Photograph)

Still pictures are our oldest and most natural art form.  Art can make you feel good - like a piece of a place or people that you have become very attached to.  

You are getting African Art Paintings at the guaranteed lowest price online for any size piece and artist combination. 

Assurance and the Truth that we bought or consigned the original painting directly from the artist.

We sell original African paintings that will grow in monetary value over time.

You are supporting an artists living wages when you buy their paintings from us.  Your purchases allow us to go back to the artist to buy more art from them.

You receive Free Shipping Worldwide on 95% of our original paintings.

You can be comfortable with your painting for 60 Days.  If it is not a fit for you, return it for a full refund or exchange.

You can pay for your paintings in monthly installments.  Contact Us to learn more.

Your Home:

Painting of daily life in a small African Village
Painting by Jane Wanjeri (Sold)

Art makes your house look good!  Color your home with African art!

Enrich your home's walls with Art to make it look very different in just minutes.

While your favorite furniture may not, your favorite paintings can move with you anywhere you go.

Impress your guests with your fine taste in African artworks, already curated for quality by us here at True African Art .com in preparation for your own placement.

Some art can make a statement or stand that is controversial, thus it almost always can act as a positive or intellectual conversation starter.