Wycliffe Ndwiga


Wycliffe Ndwiga and one of his Original paintings for Sale
Artist Wycliffe Ndwiga with Gathinja, and one of his original paintings still for sale.

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In his own Words "...Finding a Lack of Obligation..."

Update:  We have bought paintings from Wycliffe Ndwiga several times now since opening.  He is appreciative of our clients who have commented on and bought his paintings.  We look forward to working with Wycliffe in the future and are proud of representing him for several years now...

Wycliffe Ndwiga, this passionate African artist, is unconvinced about a benevolent motivation within his own country's government. He says its Ministry of Culture does not do much to promote African paintings and Kenya's art in general. "Even President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila have not helped. Artists have been left to struggle on their own."

He goes on to say, "We are left to the mercy of these people called brokers, who act as middle men for a fee. They find places for us to sell our paintings. When you deal with brokers, they cannot develop you. The bad ones, and there are many, just want your product and then they go and sell it for themselves, even manipulating your work, meaning they go the extent of just rubbing (erasing) out your signature on your paintings and then they put their own signature instead!...Because of the problem of the government and bad brokers, artists here get exploited in many ways because these people know we are just trying to survive, and they take advantage of that."

African artist, Wycliffe Ndwiga, has only done one exhibition, in 1996. And it is not because he has a lack of talent or lack of marketing skills. It boils down to a lack of money. He says, "Because I have to feed my family, I don't get enough money for materials needed to paint 10, 20, or 30 paintings at a time, which is what you need in any exhibition you do. I can only afford enough materials to do three paintings at a time at most, and then I depend on galleries because they buy any number of paintings...Furthermore, once I paint my artworks, I cannot hold onto them for a future exhibition or give them on consignment. I need to sell them right away because money is low, you see? The exhibitions that are there, one has to pay to rent the space for a week or more on top of having 10, 20, or 30 paintings, and I just can't afford that."

African painting by Wycliffe Ndwiga

True African Art.com met with Ndwiga personally, as you can see in the video above and pictures on his biography page.  We bought directly from him, and at a fair price, in order to also bring you the guaranteed lowest price for his paintings found on the Internet. In light of the troubles within his own country, when we last spoke we directed Ndwiga to some fair art organizations in Kenya that we knew could honestly promote his work.  Ndwiga tells us in return that he "loves" his video interview edit here and is very happy with the promotion and business we have given him. In observation of the paintings made for True African Art.com, it is clear he has an innate, intuitive gift for art and we are proud to sponsor such an artistic flair that Ndwiga holds.

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Read Wycliffe Ndwiga's Extra Biography Information


Some SOLD originals now available as prints.

African Wildlife Art by Wycliffe Ndwiga - True African Art .com
"The Staredown"

African Art - Wycliffe Ndwiga - Stalking Leopard
"Stalking Leopard"

Lion Roar - Wycliffe Ndwiga - True African Art .com

Sole Lion by Wildlife African Artist Wycliffe Ndwiga
"Sole Lion"

Wycliffe Ndwiga - Giraffes Watching - True African Art .com
"Giraffes Watching"

Wycliffe Ndwiga paints a Three Elephants Artwork
"Three Elephants"