Framed Artworks


    These are some of our best paintings, already in a frame, though you have the choice to purchase it without the frame just by going to the Artist's Collection Page.

    Because of their weight and fragility, shipping frames is expensive through any carrier service.  Thus, we get a non-profit quote and ask that you pay for the packaging and shipping for any framed or stretched paintings.

    In the art world, with the quality of the art and frames, these pieces are a bargain compared to other galleries worldwide.  We are able to sell them at a fair market value based on what we bought the painting for.   Most of our artists name their own prices based on the model of any related paintings on the website.

    5 itens
    Masoud Kibwana |  Tanzania  |  "Dance of the Wildlife"  |  True African Art .com
    Masoud  |  Tanzania  |  "Synced Rhythm 2 - Framed"  |  True African Art .com
    Many Artists  -  "Beauty of Women - Frame"  -  True African
    Appiah Ntiaw  |  Ghana  |  Make Art not War - Framed  |  Original  |  True African Art .com
    Wycliffe Ndwiga  -  "Reflection Stalk-Framed"  -  True African