True African Remains "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You"

If you are an African artist you know the all too familiar position of struggling to get consistent sales and fair promotion in your trade.

If you are an art enthusiast or collector, you know how hard it is to find a African art gallery source that is loyal to the artists and loyal to you.

True African is an online gallery store that brings attention to original and unique contemporary African paintings. Our website features hundreds of original artworks and their prints by 85 African artists.  It also contains many of their biographies and some interviews on video made exclusively by True African Art.

Westchester County, New York Article about True African Art
Americans have been fascinated with African art ever since Picasso and Kandinsky began using African motifs on their canvases. Picasso’s African Period, which lasted from 1907 to 1909, offered his interpretation of the mistreatment of Africans in the Belgian Congo...
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Gathinja Yamokoski came to the United States 17 years ago. A painter since childhood in her native Kenya, she knew the long tradition of African paintings and its evolution into an active contemporary art scene.

It was a world she found largely ignored in her new home, to her surprise. She began True African as a business minded way of beginning to redress that balance.
Original African Paintings from Emerging African Artists
One of the pleasures of writing for this art blog is the opportunity to discover new, emerging artists – as well as to promote affordable art. Of course reproduction paintings are an obvious choice for many home decorators, so it was a pleasure to find a website that promotes and sells original art and paintings from emerging African artists-True African Art.
African Paintings Website Brings Hope to African Artists
African painting artists go back hundreds, even thousands of years and despite strongly influencing Western Art, theirs is still largely a domain that is unknown and unrecognized in the world. Today, some fear that the preservation of contemporary African Art will be lost in history if it is not organized and collected. Thanks to the work of True African, this website is giving exposure to the largely undiscovered field of contemporary African paintings. And its African artists are greatly reaping from it, gaining new publicity, income, and hope.
True African Art .com's Expansion Significant for African Artists
By Rich Monetti and Gathinja Yamokoski. When we think of Africa, pixelating images of war, famine and poverty have unfortunately become second nature to many of us here in America. Furthermore, this configuration is so stamped on our minds that we discount the possibility of other points of light. The poverty and war in Africa aren't the only arrangements needed to comprise an accurate picture of the continent.