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Nii Samuel - An African Artist from Ghana sponsored by True African Art .com
- Ghanaian African Artist Nii Samuel -

African Cards & Paintings by 
Nii Kpetenkple

Following our initial introduction in 2012, early the next year we bought our first batch of cards and bookmarks from this artist, Nii Samuel. Fast forward to 2017-2018 and he has made beautiful, large pieces on canvas.  They show the urban side of Ghana, a community with a very close knit, unseen ties and knowledge.  Nii captures this beautifully in the two urban scenes in the upper right that are now sold.

Nii Kpetenkple's Biography

Nii hails from a coastal suburb called Nungua, about ten miles away from Ghana's capital city of Accra, Ghana. He is in his late thirties and sells professionally made cards and also bookmarks, as well as paintings on canvas.

Each card contains its own envelope and is secured and protected in strong plastic. His bookmarks are laminated in hard plastic so they will never bend, wrinkle, or lose their mint finish or first impression.

Many people who buy Nii's cards do not use them as cards at all, but instead frame and mat them as a painting on a wall in their home. As far as his bookmarks, they not only serve their purpose, but add a flavor of Africa for a favorite reading. The bookmarks are decorated with a bead at the top, making it easy to grab and flip to your current page in the book you are reading.

Nii says that "Painting, to me, is one of the most eloquent medias for expressing myself about all the corners of the world and all that it holds; Of course it is not by accident that I went into painting African artworks."

African artist Nii Samuel contacted True African Art in late 2012 with excitement for being placed on our website. At the time we had just received a large stock of paintings from Africa and we were skeptical about adding more African paintings for sale. But he convinced us once he sent us pictures of his work and we are glad he pushed us to reconsider his African artwork.

Nii studied Art in one of Accra's secondary schools and later at the Ultimate School of Art in Ghana.

Nii's African art paintings reflect his earlier years of companionship with fishermen, market women, and areas around Ghana that manifested to him artistic symbols. He normally uses the mediums of acrylics, oils, gouache, and pastels. Nii's African art paintings are posted throughout Ghana in national museums, The Monument Board, Silver Bird and Accra Shopping Mall and hotel shops such as La Palm beach hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, and Accra Novotel hotel.

When Nii is not painting, he enjoys swimming, reading and listening to music.

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Urban painting by Ghanaian Nii Samuel
"Life is Beautiful"

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