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Daniel Njororge - Wildlife Artist

 African Wildlife Artist, Daniel Njoroge's Biography

Daniel Njoroge is considered by many to be the best African art painter in modern Kenya. An African artist of 25 years, Daniel Njoroge's works have been featured within the President's home in Kenya called State House, Kenya's National Archives, the William Holden Wildlife Conservation Foundation, as well as several prominent private exhibitions within Europe and the United States. Njoroge's original African paintings reflect the portraits of African wildlife that one is in awe of anytime they are seen in the wild.

His African paintings have spread far outside of Kenya due to tourists and art collectors buying them in Kenya and then bringing them outside its borders to their home countries. Thus, Daniel Njoroge's acclamation has spread internationally and his African paintings are gaining some well deserved attention by African art painting parties. 

Daniel Njoroge started painting based on his childhood memories of the Embu tribe, a people who live as hunters and gatherers around the base of Mount Kenya. Daniel observed the animals of this area in their natural setting for years and is able to seamlessly transcribe their look and structure onto canvas with acrylics, while sometimes also painting with watercolors on paper.

Today, he has three children: one boy and two girls. His oldest girl takes after Daniel and manages fashion design in weddings. His oldest son is a computer graphics designer, making cards, books, brochures, and pamphlets.

Daniel Njoroge is a man of widespread knowledge:  He has worked with Kenya's Ministry of Education, been a provider of drawings for wildlife anatomy to the University of Nairobi's Veterinary Anatomy and Medicine department, and been a rally driver and a car repair technician.

A carefully spoken man of intelligence and compassion, Daniel believes that making African art paintings is a discipline and should not be approached by an artist just to make a profit. Rather, he says,"today's artists should ask themselves, what am I leaving behind to future generations in the message I am depicting in this painting?"

Mr. Njoroge is passionate about wildlife conservation and believes that in admiring animals through paintings, one would be inspired to help protect them.

All in all, Daniel Njoroge has given much to the art world of Africa, for years setting a standard of professionalism and sincerity in the art of art.


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